Uncover Truth About Reportedly Fatal Shooting of Actress’ Pet Dog

Target: Johnny Jennings, Chief of Police for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department

Goal: Further investigate reportedly fatal shooting of pet dog at home.

The pet dog of a television actress was reportedly shot dead in North Carolina by a delivery driver. The incident began when an Instacart employee delivered goods to the home of actress Angie Harmon. Two dogs were apparently on the premises. The driver is reportedly claiming that one dog, Oliver, attacked him and prompted him to fire one shot. The actress, however, has a different story.

In a social media post, Harmon apparently claimed the following: “he got out of his car, delivered the food & THEN shot our dog. Our [Ring] camera was charging in the house, which he saw & then knew he wasn’t being recorded. The police let him go b/c he claimed ‘self-defense.’ He did not have a scratch or bite on him nor were his pants torn.” She went on to allege that the driver acted with indifference following the reported shooting.

Although police confirmed parts of this rendering of events, reports indicate an investigation will not proceed forward. Sign the petition below to urge local law enforcement to keep this case open and to assess the full facts before reaching a conclusion.


Dear Chief Jennings,

The case involving the apparent shooting of a German Shepherd by an Instacart delivery driver has seemingly been closed. The owner of this dog has asked for further action. At the very least, a full investigation should take place. If the driver’s actions are deemed suspect or lacking reasonable response, he should face legal consequences.

Please do not drop this investigation and, in the process, diminish the trust of animal lovers and pet parents in the region.


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Photo Credit: PROPOL187

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  1. This story requires a complete investigation. Nothing short of a full investigation will help settle this horrible story. I am sorry such an incident had to happen.

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