Establish Cruelty-Free Ceremonies in All Temples

Target: Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India

Goal: Mandate the use of mechanical animals in temple ceremonies to promote animal welfare.

The recent introduction of a mechanical elephant named Mahadevan at the Thrikkayil Mahadeva Temple in Kochi, India marks a significant leap toward ethical and cruelty-free religious practices. This innovation allows the temple to preserve its rich cultural heritage without compromising the well-being of living animals. A mechanical elephant was donated by the non-profit organization People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India and actor Priyamani, highlighting a collaborative effort to end animal suffering in religious festivities.

This initiative follows a commendable step by the Irinjadappilly Sree Krishna Temple in Thrissur district, which previously embraced a robotic elephant for its ceremonies. Such advancements showcase a growing awareness and sensitivity towards animal rights among religious communities in Kerala. These temples have demonstrated that it is possible to maintain traditions and cultural rituals in a manner that respects all living beings. The shift towards mechanical alternatives not only ensures the safety and freedom of animals but also sets a humane example for other religious institutions to follow.

The adoption of mechanical animals in religious ceremonies across India would represent a monumental stride in our nation’s commitment to compassion and ethical treatment of all creatures. This respectful and enlightened approach must be extended to all temples, ensuring that rich traditions can continue in harmony with the principles of kindness and animal welfare. Call on the Prime Minister of India to recognize the significance of these actions and to implement regulations that would require the use of mechanical animals in temple ceremonies nationwide, thus promoting a cruelty-free and inclusive religious environment.


Dear PM Modi,

We write to you inspired by the groundbreaking steps taken by the Thrikkayil Mahadeva Temple in Kochi and the Irinjadappilly Sree Krishna Temple in Thrissur district, which have adopted mechanical elephants for their ceremonies. These temples have set a powerful example by embracing technology to preserve cultural practices while ensuring the ethical treatment of animals. Their actions reflect a commendable commitment to compassion, showcasing how tradition and animal welfare can coexist.

The use of live animals in religious festivities has long been a topic of concern among animal rights advocates. The introduction of mechanical alternatives in Kerala’s temples offers a viable and humane solution, aligning with the values of respect and protection for all beings. This approach not only spares animals from the distress and harm associated with performing in crowded and unnatural settings but also represents a progressive step towards modern, ethical practices.

We urge you to consider the positive impact of these initiatives and to advocate for their adoption across all temples in India. By mandating the use of mechanical animals in temple ceremonies, our nation can lead by example in the global movement towards animal welfare and ethical conduct. Such a policy would affirm India’s dedication to preserving its cultural heritage in a manner that honors the sanctity of all life.


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Photo credit: Fionn Kidney

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  1. YES!!! India needs to do this to establish the proper rules for all living beings. No religion needs to force animals to suffer due to that religion.
    Religion needs to promote love!

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