Wild Animals Allegedly Killed With Airguns and Crossbows Deserve Justice

Target: BJ Harrington, Chief Constable of Essex Police, England

Goal: Implement stricter measures to prevent wildlife cruelty in Essex

In Essex, a disheartening increase in wildlife cruelty has been noted, with animals such as foxes, otters, and swans found suffering from injuries allegedly inflicted by catapults and crossbows. This alarming situation, described by Essex Police, highlights a trend where individuals reportedly target wildlife for amusement, leading to severe and often fatal consequences for the animals involved. The alleged act of inflicting pain on these creatures is not only heartless but also illegal, showcasing a dire need for action.

The alleged distress caused to these animals is both cruel and unnecessary, with some facing long, agonizing deaths due to the inflicted wounds. Such alleged acts of violence against wildlife are not limited to catapults but include the use of air weapons and crossbows, amplifying the danger and cruelty faced by Essex’s wildlife. The police’s appeal for public assistance in combating this disturbing trend emphasizes the community’s role in safeguarding our shared natural heritage.

The need for stronger preventive measures and heightened awareness is clear. By implementing stricter enforcement and community engagement strategies, wildlife can be protected from unnecessary suffering. It is imperative that those responsible for such cruel acts are held accountable, and that comprehensive actions are taken to prevent future incidents. Demand that the authorities intensify their efforts to stop wildlife cruelty in Essex, ensuring a safer environment for all living beings.


Dear Chief Constable BJ Harrington,

The recent surge in wildlife cruelty within Essex, involving alleged deliberate harm to animals through the use of catapults, crossbows, and air weapons, is both alarming and unacceptable. These acts reportedly result in unnecessary suffering and often lead to the prolonged, painful deaths of innocent wildlife. This trend not only reflects a disturbing lack of empathy towards our natural environment but also poses a threat to the safety and well-being of our community.

We urgently call upon your leadership to address this issue head-on. It is essential to prioritize the implementation of stricter measures against those found guilty of such heinous acts. By enhancing patrol and surveillance in affected areas, such as Chafford Gorges Nature Discovery Park and Northlands Park, Basildon, we can deter potential offenders and protect our wildlife. Furthermore, increasing public awareness and education about the legal and moral implications of wildlife cruelty can play a vital role in preventing future incidents.

We demand immediate action to curb this rising trend of wildlife cruelty in Essex. Strengthening the legal framework and enforcement strategies to hold alleged perpetrators accountable is crucial. Together, we can ensure a safe and compassionate environment for all species that share our communities.


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Photo credit: Martin Pettitt

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  1. The people doing this to wild animals need to have the same done to them! They may be teens but this is horrific and barbaric torture. I saw a sign in a window which said, “I support animal torturers being put to sleep!” The sigh says it all. Wild animals must languish in pain until death comes which can take days. Show these people what pain feels like! Once done, it may never need repeating. Pain hurts and these incompetent insane individuals ned to understand that! This is needless pain they are forcing onto animals who have done nothing to them. This must stop. Possibly you need to bring back the death puerility.

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