Recently Pregnant Dog Allegedly Shot Dead and Left to Decompose Deserves Justice

Target: William Tong, Attorney General of Connecticut

Goal: Enact harsher penalties for animal cruelty to prevent future violence against animals.

In Coventry, CT, a dark tragedy unfolded when a female pit bull, bearing the marks of recent motherhood, was reportedly discovered inside a plastic bin by the roadside, her life extinguished by a gunshot wound to her chest. Authorities stumbled upon this reportedly grim scene on South Street near Route 6, revealing the extent of the alleged cruelty that left the community in shock. This case seemingly highlights a disturbing trend of animal violence that demands immediate and decisive action.

Further investigation into this allegedly harrowing incident revealed the pit bull reportedly had cropped ears and weighed between 50 and 55 pounds, suggesting she had recently had puppies. The fact that she was discarded so callously, allegedly left to decompose for days, underscores a profound disrespect for life. Outraged animal advocates, led by Zilla Cannamela of Desmond’s Army Animal Law Advocates, have since voiced their despair over the persistent underestimation of animal cruelty. They argue convincingly for the establishment of stricter legal repercussions for such vile acts.

This allegedly horrifying act is not isolated. It joins a series of investigations into animal cruelty within the area, echoing a broader, systemic issue that plagues our society. Advocates like Cannamela demand not only justice for this pit bull but a foundational shift in how the law addresses and punishes animal cruelty. They propose mandatory minimum sentences far beyond the current penalties, which are dismissively lenient. Implement laws that reflect the seriousness of these crimes against our voiceless companions.


Dear Attorney General William Tong,

We reach out to you in a moment of grave concern and collective grief. A female pit bull was reportedly found on the side of a road in Coventry, her life cruelly snatched away by a gunshot. This appalling act of alleged violence is not an isolated incident but a chilling illustration of a broader, systemic disregard for animal welfare within our state. It highlights an urgent need for legislative reform to address and deter such acts of cruelty effectively.

The details of this case, from the manner of the dog’s death to the apparent neglect she suffered post-mortem, spotlight a shocking lack of empathy and respect for animal life. This alleged incident, alongside other recent cases of animal cruelty, underscores a disturbing trend that cannot continue unaddressed. Advocates and community members are crying out for justice and for measures that will prevent future acts of violence against animals.

We implore you to take decisive action by reviewing and strengthening Connecticut’s animal cruelty laws. We need laws that impose serious consequences on those who commit such heinous acts, reflecting the severity and moral repugnance of their crimes. By establishing mandatory minimum sentences for animal cruelty, we can send a clear message that our society does not tolerate violence against animals.


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Photo credit: 2dogspaws

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  1. Mary Young says:

    It take a fucking coward to kill a momma dog and keep her babies

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