Justice for Scores of Animals Reportedly Abused at “Sanctuary”

Target: Susan J. Krones, District Attorney, Lake County, Illinois

Goal: Ensure legal accountability for the alleged neglect and cruelty at Warren Peace Bunny Sanctuary.

Scores of animals were reportedly found in dire conditions at Warren Peace Bunny Sanctuary, a situation that urgently demands attention and action. Allegations of cruelty have surfaced, casting a shadow over a facility once revered for its commitment to the care of neglected and mistreated animals. The BC SPCA’s findings, after responding to a complaint, suggest a grim reality far from the sanctuary’s benevolent mission.

Notices to alleviate the distress of the animals were apparently ignored, leading to the removal of 85 animals, including rabbits, cats, and wildlife. It’s particularly disturbing to learn that several animals were reportedly in such critical distress they had to be euthanized upon rescue. These allegations, if true, betray the trust placed in Warren Peace Bunny Sanctuary and its operator, Antoinette Monod, by the community and the animals they vowed to protect. It’s a stark reminder of the vulnerability of animals in care and the need for stringent oversight.

This petition demands rigorous legal scrutiny and accountability for the alleged neglect and cruelty at Warren Peace Bunny Sanctuary. The animals’ suffering must not be in vain. Call on the district attorney to consider the evidence gathered by the BC SPCA and pursue all appropriate charges under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.


Dear DA Susan J. Krones,

We, the undersigned, urge you to take immediate and decisive action concerning the alarming allegations of animal neglect and cruelty at Warren Peace Bunny Sanctuary. The BC SPCA’s investigation reportedly unveiled distressing conditions, leading to the rescue of 85 animals from what was supposed to be their sanctuary. These findings suggest a severe dereliction of the sanctuary’s duty to protect and care for animals, highlighting a troubling disregard for their well-being.

The fact that several animals were reportedly in such poor condition they required euthanasia is heart-wrenching. It reflects an apparent failure that must be addressed through the legal system to prevent further suffering. The community’s trust has been shattered; we now look to you to uphold the principles of justice and animal welfare by thoroughly investigating these allegations.

We demand that those found responsible for the alleged neglect and cruelty face the full extent of the law. This case stands as a critical moment for animal welfare in our community, and your role in ensuring justice cannot be overstated. Please act swiftly to ensure that such alleged disregard for animal well-being is met with appropriate legal consequences.

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