Demand Accountability for Puppy Allegedly Dragged and Slapped

Target: Eric Smith, Chief Law Enforcement Official for Macomb County (Eastpointe), Michigan

Goal: Secure legal consequences for those allegedly responsible for Frappy’s mistreatment.

In a shocking incident, a pit bull puppy named Frappy found itself at the center of alleged abuse. Captured on video, the young dog was reportedly seen being dragged, thrown in the air, and slapped, actions that have sparked outrage and demand for justice. The alleged abuse took place in Eastpointe, where police took action upon receiving distressing footage from an anonymous source. This case highlights a grave concern for animal welfare and the need for stern legal repercussions to prevent such incidents.

Further investigation by Eastpointe Police led to misdemeanor charges of cruelty to animals against two individuals, Brian Askin and Shatoria Lane. Despite the alleged abusers’ denial, evidence suggests a pattern of harm towards Frappy, underscoring the importance of vigilance and accountability in animal welfare cases. Authorities acted promptly, ensuring the puppy’s safety and starting legal proceedings to prevent future harm, showcasing the critical role of law enforcement in protecting the voiceless.

The alleged mistreatment of Frappy not only raises concerns about animal welfare but also reflects broader societal issues regarding the treatment of vulnerable beings. Justice must be served, not only as a means of retribution but also to deter similar future acts, ensuring animals are treated with the compassion and respect they deserve. Demand stringent legal action against those allegedly responsible for Frappy’s suffering.


Dear Eric Smith,

Recent events in Eastpointe have brought to light the disturbing alleged abuse of a pit bull puppy named Frappy. Reportedly dragged across surfaces, hurled into the air, and slapped, this puppy’s plight has shocked and saddened all who advocate for animal rights. The individuals allegedly responsible for this, Brian Askin and Shatoria Lane, face misdemeanor charges, yet we believe this case merits close and serious attention to ensure justice is adequately served.

The evidence, including video footage, suggests a clear disregard for Frappy’s well-being and safety. Such alleged acts of cruelty cannot be overlooked or minimally punished if we are to uphold a society that values compassion and justice for all beings, regardless of their species. This case serves as a pivotal moment to reaffirm our community’s stance against animal abuse and to set a precedent that such behavior will be met with strict legal consequences.

We urge you to pursue this case with the utmost rigor, ensuring that if these allegations are proven, the legal response reflects the seriousness of the wrongdoing. Let this case be a deterrent to anyone who might consider causing harm to animals, showing that our legal system stands firmly against cruelty and in defense of those who cannot speak for themselves.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Twinkle Enyong


  1. Minimum and lenient sentences are the consequence of escalating animal abuse, neglect, sexual abuse, torture and worse.

    Every day there are tens of thousands of animals being abused, every hour countless innocents are being abused, every few minutes another animal somewhere is suffering. We are making a dent, but a small one. Please share with at least ten of your contacts and ask those you share with for a commitment of ten shares and a request for ten more from each of those shares.

  2. Mary Young says:

    You can forget cause the damn judges are not gonna do shit about any of these fucking animals abuser but slap them on the wrist

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