Address Crisis of Canine Influenza and Apparent Cruelty Epidemic

Target: Steve Wolfson, District Attorney of Clark County, Nevada

Goal: Ensure accountability and strict legal consequences for individuals allegedly involved in animal cruelty, leading to shelter overcrowding

At a moment when compassion and care are most needed, a distressing scenario unfolds at the valley’s largest animal sanctuary. Amid an alarming outbreak of canine influenza, this haven for the voiceless finds itself overwhelmed, its capacity strained beyond limits. This month, over 1,500 beings, mostly strays or surrendered pets, sought refuge within its walls. Notably, nearly 300 came from environments tainted by suspected neglect or abuse, their conditions heart-wrenching, a direct consequence of alleged human misdemeanors.

In a single evening, an influx of more than 30 dogs, victims of alleged cruelty, exacerbated the ongoing crisis. These animals, including nursing mothers and their fragile offspring, symbolize but a fraction of the anguish and turmoil inflicted. Their arrival, under the care of law enforcement from confiscation operations, underscores a grim reality. The shelter, now a makeshift hospital, battles not only disease but also the aftermath of purported neglect and exploitation, with workers donned in protective gear in a desperate attempt to curb the spread of illness.

This predicament demands immediate action, not just from compassionate citizens, but also from our legal system. Those allegedly responsible for such despair must face the consequences of their actions. Call upon the District Attorney of Clark County to rigorously pursue justice for these voiceless victims, thereby sending a resolute message against animal cruelty.


Dear DA Steve Wolfson,

We find ourselves compelled to address a dire situation that has emerged within our community, one that involves the welfare of numerous animals currently sheltered at the valley’s largest animal sanctuary. Amidst an already challenging outbreak of canine influenza, this facility has been inundated with animals, many of which have been seized under circumstances that suggest severe neglect and cruelty. This influx has not only put a strain on the shelter’s resources but has also highlighted a disturbing disregard for animal welfare within certain segments of our population.

The recent seizure of over 30 dogs in a single operation, including nursing mothers and their puppies, is particularly alarming. These animals, now in the care of the shelter, are the silent victims of situations that reportedly involve significant mistreatment and abandonment. Their plight underscores the urgent need for a robust legal response to such alleged acts of cruelty. As the public shelter faces unprecedented pressure, the necessity for legal intervention becomes increasingly apparent, with the aim of not only providing justice for these animals but also preventing future occurrences through the deterrence of stringent legal consequences.

We, therefore, urge you to take decisive action against those allegedly involved in the neglect and cruelty that has contributed to this crisis. By holding individuals accountable for their actions, we can foster a community that values and protects its most vulnerable members. Let this moment be a turning point, where legal precedent reinforces our collective commitment to compassion and justice.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Tony Hammond

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  1. Mary Young says:

    Do your fucking job your paid to do and take care of them and that doesn’t mean by killing them like all you fucking shelters do all across the usa

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