Innocent Pet Allegedly Attacked During Walk Deserves Justice

Target: Sanjay Arora, Commissioner of Police, Delhi, India

Goal: Ensure accountability and justice for the alleged abuse of a pet dog in Delhi.

An allegedly appalling event has come to light from Delhi, the capital of India, where a beloved pet dog faced alleged abuse during a routine stroll. Bandgee Kallra, known for her stint on Bigg Boss 11, the Indian version of American television reality show Big Brother, shared a distressing encounter involving her Pomeranian. Reportedly, a senior lady attacked the dog with slippers and threatened further violence with a wiper. Such alleged actions not only caused immediate harm but also instilled fear and trauma in both the pet and its owner.

Delving deeper, Kallra recounted how the alleged assailant escalated her aggression. Beyond physical assault, the confrontation reportedly took a troubling turn when the woman brandished a wiper menacingly. Eyewitnesses, present during the incident, failed to intervene, highlighting a concerning apathy towards animal welfare. Additionally, the presence of multiple CCTV cameras at the lady’s residence, purportedly to monitor pet movements, suggests a premeditated disdain towards animals and their guardians.

This incident underscores an urgent need for legal and social reforms. Animals, defenseless and reliant on human compassion, deserve protection from such alleged cruelty. Call upon the Commissioner of Police, Delhi, to take immediate and decisive action. Ensure the safety of pets and hold alleged perpetrators accountable.


Dear Commissioner Sanjay Arora,

We are deeply troubled by the alleged incident of animal abuse reported by Bandgee Kallra, involving her pet dog in Delhi. According to accounts, a senior lady attacked the animal without provocation, employing physical violence and threats. This act of alleged aggression not only violates the rights of animals to live without fear but also challenges the moral fabric of our community.

The reported details surrounding this event—ranging from the use of a chappal as a weapon to the threat posed by a wiper—paint a harrowing picture of the dangers pets face in their daily lives. It is disheartening to note that bystanders remained passive, reflecting a broader societal indifference towards animal welfare. Furthermore, the strategic placement of CCTV cameras to monitor and possibly intimidate pet owners reveals a premeditated animosity towards animals.

In light of these troubling allegations, we urge you to investigate this matter thoroughly and to hold the alleged perpetrator accountable. The legal system must serve as a deterrent to such acts of cruelty, ensuring that all beings, regardless of species, are treated with respect and kindness. We demand justice for Kallra’s pet and a commitment to safeguarding the welfare of all animals in our community.


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Photo credit: Dey Alexander


  1. Milantia Roy says:

    Dear Commissioner Sanjay Arora,
    I wouldn’t call her a ‘lady’ but a disgraceful bitch – let’s hope that your ‘sentence’ will be fair and that she’d be arrested and sent to a prison for at least a month.

  2. Bosha Karanovic says:

    Dear Commissioner Sanjay Arora,
    Ask her if she was bitten by a dog before — otherwise it does not make sense that she’d act that way toward a small dog.

  3. Teresa Zamalloa says:

    Dear Commissioner Sanjay Arora,
    She must have lost a ‘screw’ in which case’- she should spend some time in a ‘nut house’.
    Wouldn’t you think so?

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