Elephants Subjected to Alleged Cruel Training Deserve Justice

Target: Shahab Uddin, Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Bangladesh

Goal: End the abuse and exploitation of elephants in Bangladesh.

In an alarming revelation, a local court has intervened to address the alleged egregious treatment of elephants under the guise of training in Bangladesh. Disturbing reports have emerged, highlighting systemic abuse toward these majestic creatures and leading to a court ruling that questions the legality of rearing elephants and other wild animals for entertainment and labor. This significant judicial step underscores the urgent need for comprehensive reforms to safeguard these vulnerable beings from further harm.

The plight of captive elephants in Bangladesh, subjected to allegedly cruel training methods, has finally caught the attention of the judiciary. A recent petition by an animal welfare group shed light on these appalling practices, prompting the High Court in Dhaka to issue a temporary ban on the issuance and renewal of licenses for elephant rearing. Such alleged practices not only cause immense suffering to the animals but also pose a threat to human safety, as the mistreated elephants have been involved in several incidents, causing loss of life and damage to property.

This judicial intervention is a critical step towards rectifying the grave injustices elephants apparently face in Bangladesh. Unite in calling for an immediate end to the abuse and exploitation of elephants, advocating for their rights to live free from suffering and cruelty. Demand the authorities implement and enforce stringent laws that will ensure the protection and humane treatment of these endangered animals.


Dear Minister Shahab Uddin,

We reach out to you with a pressing concern regarding the welfare of elephants in Bangladesh. Disturbing allegations have surfaced about the inhumane treatment these majestic creatures endure in captivity. This alleged issue has garnered attention at the highest levels of the judiciary, leading to a landmark ruling questioning the legality of current practices surrounding elephant rearing and training.

The exploitation and alleged abuse of elephants for entertainment and labor reportedly have led to tragic incidents, endangering both animal and human lives. The recent court order, stemming from a petition by concerned animal welfare activists, highlights the urgent need for regulatory overhaul. We must acknowledge the suffering these animals endure and take decisive action to protect them.

We implore you to take immediate steps to enforce the court’s ruling, ensuring that no elephant suffers under the guise of training or entertainment. Our collective responsibility is to safeguard these sentient beings, ensuring they are treated with the respect and care they deserve. We demand the implementation of stringent laws that will protect elephants from abuse and preserve our nation’s biodiversity.


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Photo credit: David Stanley

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