Justice for Animals Allegedly Suffering From Skin Disease Due to Neglect

Target: Attorney Aleksandr Boksner, Cape Coral, Florida

Goal: Ensure the perpetrators face full legal consequences for their alleged animal cruelty and armed robbery.

Reports recently emerged of a troubling incident in Cape Coral, Fla., where a pair of suspects, allegedly involved in an armed robbery while donned in Cookie Monster pajamas, were reportedly apprehended. Beyond the robbery, a far more disturbing scene was uncovered at their residence, revealing animals in reportedly dire conditions. This case has sparked outrage and demands for justice, spotlighting the need for stringent legal action against the alleged perpetrators, Charlie Jorge Perez and Jalina Analise Sepulveda.

Upon serving a search warrant at the suspects’ home, law enforcement officers were confronted with a harrowing sight. An overwhelming odor of animal feces and urine filled the air, indicating severe neglect. Three dogs, confined to their cages, were reportedly found suffering from Demodectic Mange, a skin disease in dogs caused by microscopic mites. It was reportedly characterized by severe skin conditions and open sores, a clear sign of prolonged mistreatment. Though three other dogs and three cats seemed in better health, the disparity in care within the same household raises alarming concerns about the welfare of these animals.

The necessity for legal intervention cannot be overstated. Perez and Sepulveda, facing charges including armed robbery and animal cruelty, must be held accountable for their actions. This case not only highlights a grave injustice against defenseless animals but also underscores the broader issue of animal cruelty pervasive in our society. Take decisive action, ensuring these alleged acts of cruelty and robbery do not go unpunished, thereby setting a precedent that such behavior will be met with the full force of the law.


Dear Attorney Aleksandr Boksner,

The recent apprehension of Charlie Jorge Perez and Jalina Analise Sepulveda has unveiled a deeply troubling situation in Cape Coral, Fla. Not only were these individuals allegedly involved in a brazen armed robbery, but they also reportedly subjected numerous animals to horrific conditions of neglect and abuse. The discovery of dogs suffering from severe health issues due to alleged neglect, alongside the threat posed to human employees during the reported robbery, paints a picture of individuals with a blatant disregard for life and well-being.

The conditions described by officers at the scene, including the overwhelming stench of animal waste and the sight of dogs with open sores, demand immediate and serious legal attention. Such alleged neglect highlights a cruel indifference to the suffering of sentient beings dependent on human care for their survival. Furthermore, the reported act of armed robbery underscores a dangerous propensity for violence and intimidation. Together, these actions suggest a pattern of behavior that poses a significant threat to both animal and human communities.

In light of these alarming allegations, I urge you to pursue the most stringent legal measures possible against Perez and Sepulveda. Our legal system must respond decisively to acts of cruelty and violence, ensuring that justice is served and that a strong message is sent against both animal abuse and armed robbery. The community relies on your leadership to uphold justice and protect the vulnerable, be they human or animal.


Your Name Here

Photo credit: Julie Knicely


  1. We write, plead, request, but nothing is ever done. Justice must have slipped out the back door. These two will get off like all the others, leaving our society all the worse for their presence on this earth. Florida is not the pillar of responsibility and intelligence. I live in Florida and speak personally. The laws here are too soft to be of any use especially in crimes against the voiceless. Brutes live here and they have no kindness in their hearts. Society lives within the framework of our laws but the low life bums laugh at us and do whatever they damn well please only to get a slap on the wrists. I do follow the law but I have no respect for our system of law as Trump proves everyday the law is for anybody rich enough to pay for lawyers. Yet, trump laughs all the way to the bank!

  2. These cases of cruelty will never stop unless our judicial system steps up and does their damn jobs! I do not understand how these cases never seem to get closure with criminal charges pressed enough already anybody that harms innocent animals has a screw loose is a danger to society especially children!

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