Call for Harsher Penalties on Animal Abuse Image Possession

Target: MP James Duddridge, Rochford, Essex, England

Goal: Implement stricter penalties for the possession of animal abuse images.

In a recent disturbing discovery, authorities reportedly found an individual in possession of 170 bestiality images, highlighting a severe and dark issue within the society. This case appears to expose not only the grotesque exploitation of animals but also the urgent need for the legal system to respond with much stronger penalties. The individual, while allegedly admitting to what has been described as an addiction, received minimal consequences, underscoring a significant gap in the justice system’s treatment of animal abuse cases.

The images, which appear to depict unfathomable cruelty towards animals, represent more than just illegal activities; they seemingly reflect a deep-rooted issue that demands immediate and forceful legal action. The leniency shown in this case does little to deter others from committing similar acts of abuse, nor does it serve justice for the innocent animals victimized in these images. The need for a robust legal framework to combat such cruelty has never been more apparent.

Demand an overhaul of the sentencing guidelines related to the possession of animal abuse images, ensuring that future cases are met with the gravity they deserve. Advocate for a change that ensures the possession of animal abuse images is met with severe legal repercussions.


Dear MP James Duddridge,

The recent case revealing an individual’s alleged possession of 170 images depicting animal abuse has shed light on a deeply troubling issue that our legal system currently fails to address adequately. The minimal consequences faced by the individual in question do not reflect the alleged severity of the crime, nor do they offer any semblance of justice for the animals subjected to such horrifying treatment. This case is a stark reminder of the need for our legal system to take a firmer stance against all forms of animal abuse, including the possession of images that depict such acts.

The possession of animal abuse images perpetuates a cycle of violence and exploitation, contributing to the demand for content that captures the suffering of innocent animals. The penalties for such offenses must be severe enough to serve as a deterrent to others. Moreover, these penalties must reflect our society’s condemnation of animal cruelty and our commitment to protecting all beings from harm.

We urge you to advocate for and implement stricter penalties for the possession of animal abuse images. By doing so, you will send a clear message that our community does not tolerate animal cruelty in any form and is committed to taking all necessary steps to eradicate it. It is our collective responsibility to ensure that justice is served for the voiceless victims of abuse, and we look to you to lead the way in making this a reality.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Mercy For Animals MFA


  1. Sick twisted perverted subhuman scumbags that have no business being in society lock them up now before children become victims!

  2. Alice K Knight says:

    Beastiality , why is it considered legal in some countries and not in others? It is incomprehensible. The act is morally wrong.
    I do not believe it is an addiction. When are we going to stop blaming their actions on a mental illness or perhaps they were not loved as a child?
    We continually want to pardon wrong-doers therefore they never receive their just punishment. I believe in mental assessment, but that should not pardon them. People need to be held accountable for their actions.

  3. Alice K Knight says:

    The picture above, sparks abuse to me. Is this animal being abused?

  4. Sherry Akridge says:

    ” Received minimal consequences”
    Are you kidding me? That is exactly WHY we have these sickos roaming the streets! This does not stop at animals! Some people don’t care if it is “just an animal” People better wake up. These sickos will hurt and abuse any person or animal they can get their monster hands on!

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