Puppy Allegedly Left Unconscious After Consuming Illegal Drugs Deserves Justice

Target: Mickey Amery, Minister of Justice of Alberta, Canada

Goal: Ensure strict legal action against those allegedly involved in animal cruelty incidents in Calgary.

Recent incidents in Calgary have shocked the community, where animals allegedly suffered at the hands of individuals now facing criminal charges. In one appalling case, an 11-week-old puppy was reportedly brought to a veterinary clinic in an unconscious state after supposedly consuming illegal drugs, necessitating life-saving care. Following this, law enforcement intervened, leading to the reported discovery of more animals in perilous conditions, alongside illegal substances and firearms.

Further investigations unveiled additional distressing scenarios, reportedly including a dog with severe injuries and another tragically dead. Authorities reportedly executed search warrants, uncovering more evidence of alleged criminal activities, including alleged possession of illegal firearms and substances. These operations resulted in the seizure of several dogs, all of whom have thankfully found safe environments.

The alleged acts of cruelty and neglect highlighted in these cases underscore the urgent need for legal intervention and justice. Animals, unable to voice their suffering, rely on society’s laws and the vigilance of communities to protect them from harm. This response is crucial not only for the animals directly affected but also to set a precedent that such alleged cruelty will not be tolerated. Take decisive action against the individuals charged, ensuring they face the full extent of the law.


Dear Minister Mickey Amery,

Recent reports from Calgary have unveiled disturbing allegations of animal cruelty and neglect, drawing attention to the urgent need for legal action. Among the cases, an 11-week-old puppy allegedly suffering from the ingestion of illegal drugs and several dogs found in conditions suggesting severe mistreatment. These incidents, investigated by the Calgary Police Service with the support of local veterinary clinics and animal welfare organizations, have led to multiple charges against individuals for their purported involvement in these acts.

The details emerging from these investigations paint a grim picture of the suffering endured by these animals, allegedly subjected to environments fraught with danger and neglect. It is paramount that these allegations are pursued with the utmost seriousness, reflecting the gravity of the harm seemingly inflicted upon these defenseless beings. The legal system has the responsibility to ensure that those allegedly responsible are held accountable, providing justice for the victims and deterring future instances of such cruelty.

Therefore, we urge you to ensure that the cases against Christie Lee Sims, Ryan Clyde Bonnell, and Jeffrey Alan McLarty are pursued diligently, with the aim of securing convictions that reflect the severity of the alleged offenses. This action is not only vital for the welfare of animals in Calgary but also as a clear statement of Alberta’s commitment to the protection of all living beings from cruelty and neglect.


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Photo credit: Terricks Noah

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