Justice for Pit Bulls Allegedly Starved and Denied Treatment for Heartworms

Target: Kristin J. Telsey, Salem County, NJ Prosecutor

Goal: Ensure the owner faces legal consequences for the alleged abuse and neglect of four pit bulls.

Shocking revelations from Salem County unveil a grim scene where four pit bulls were discovered in a dire state, allegedly abused and starving amidst the woods. This appalling situation, as per New Jersey State Police findings, points toward a grave instance of animal cruelty. The animals, reportedly owned by a 43-year-old man from Pittsgrove, reportedly suffered from neglect so severe that their recovery journey now requires extensive care, including heartworm treatment.

Further details provided by authorities and the South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter (SJRAS) paint a distressing picture of the dogs’ conditions upon rescue. Their plight, characterized by malnourishment and disease, underscores the alleged violations of animal welfare standards. It is imperative to highlight these details to grasp the depth of the alleged mistreatment and the urgent need for a foster or adoptive sanctuary for these innocent beings.

The necessity for stringent legal action against the accused is clear. This case not only demands immediate attention but also serves as a pivotal moment to advocate for the rights and welfare of animals. Urge for the enforcement of the fullest extent of the law to ensure such alleged atrocities are not repeated. Justice for these pit bulls is not just their right but a measure of our societal values.


Dear Prosecuter Telsey,

I write to you today, deeply troubled by a recent case of alleged animal cruelty within your jurisdiction. Reports indicate that four pit bulls were found in a state of neglect and abuse in Salem County, a situation that demands not just our attention but our immediate action. The owner, implicated in this heinous act, reportedly allowed these animals to suffer to a point where their recovery is mired in medical treatments and a desperate need for a compassionate home.

This incident, as described, showcases not merely an act of apparent negligence but a blatant disregard for life and welfare. The animals, now in the care of SJRAS, face a long road to recovery, indicative of the severity of their alleged mistreatment. It is paramount that this case be treated with the seriousness it warrants, ensuring that justice is served and that a clear message is sent against such alleged acts of cruelty.

Thus, I implore you to take decisive action against the individual allegedly responsible for this cruelty. The legal system must act as a deterrent to prevent future instances of such behavior. Our community looks to you to uphold the values of justice and compassion, ensuring that those who allegedly harm innocent animals face the consequences of their actions.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: This Year’s Love


  1. Another failure? You can not do anything thus this is a waste of your time. Or are you a waste of our money? Either way there is no justice. Yet there should be. States are unable to handle their own justice. You need Federal help. Americans are tired of states and their excuses. There are no excuses!!! Laws are not strong enough to stop this harm from continuing and if laws were strong they are useless unless enforced!!! Animals and children have no choice as they have no voice. States have only silent voices and allow harm and death and still do nothing. Words are cheap. If you want more respect use actions against those who abuse the innocent!!!!!

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