Over 150 Dogs Who Allegedly Endured Extreme Neglect in Puppy Mill Deserve Justice

Target: Shalena Cook Jones, District Attorney of Chatham County, Georgia, USA

Goal: Ensure severe penalties for those responsible for the alleged puppy mill cruelty.

Bear Creek witnessed an appalling scenario, one that reportedly speaks volumes about the depth of human indifference towards animal welfare. On January 25, after responding to a concern over animal cruelty, Chatham County Sheriff’s deputies stumbled upon a scene that would require substantial intervention. More than 150 dogs, ensnared within what was allegedly a puppy mill at 1360 Oakley Church Road, were reportedly found in conditions so harrowing, immediate action was deemed necessary. Allegedly, these animals, including schnauzers and mini-schnauzers among other breeds, were subjected to an existence rife with suffering, confined in cramped cages amidst their own waste and, heartbreakingly, the remains of deceased companions.

The details emerging from this operation shed light on an apparent level of neglect so severe, it’s difficult to comprehend. The dogs reportedly suffered from dehydration, malnutrition, parasites, untreated injuries, and illnesses, all symptomatic of severe neglect. This reported prolonged exposure to such dire conditions indicates a blatant disregard for the well-being and dignity of these animals. The rescue efforts, spearheaded by the BISSELL Pet Foundation and Animal Rescue Corps, highlighted the collaborative endeavor to address this grievous situation. Yet, the arrest of Kelly Dawn Privat on misdemeanor animal cruelty charges seems incongruent with the magnitude of suffering documented.

This glaring disparity between the alleged cruelty inflicted upon these animals and the legal response thus far underscores the necessity for a more stringent legal stance. This incident must catalyze a reevaluation of legal protections for animals and ensure that justice is not merely symbolic but substantive. Demand that those found culpable face penalties commensurate with the gravity of their alleged actions.


Dear DA Shalena Cook Jones,

The distressing discovery at 1360 Oakley Church Road in Bear Creek has ignited widespread outrage and a fervent call for justice. Allegedly, more than 150 dogs were found living in deplorable conditions, indicative of a puppy mill operating with complete disregard for animal welfare. This incident, marked by allegations of severe neglect, malnutrition, and untreated medical conditions, presents a critical moment for our legal system to affirm its commitment to protecting the most vulnerable among us.

The accounts of the conditions these animals reportedly endured are not just deeply troubling but call into question the adequacy of our current animal welfare laws and their enforcement. It is imperative that this case not be dismissed as merely another instance of animal cruelty but recognized for the egregious alleged abuse it represents. The initial charges of misdemeanor animal cruelty do not seem to reflect the severity or the systemic nature of the alleged wrongdoing uncovered.

Therefore, we urge you to ensure that the investigation into this matter is thorough and that if the allegations are substantiated, the legal response is both swift and severe. We demand that justice for these animals reflects the seriousness of the allegations and serves as a deterrent to future cruelty. It is time for our community to stand unequivocally against such acts of alleged abuse and to ensure that our laws and their enforcement reflect our values of compassion and justice.


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Photo credit: Pixabay

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