Animals Reportedly Living in Trash, Feces, Urine, and Fleas Deserve Justice

Target: Steve Franzen, Campbell County Attorney, Kentucky, USA

Goal: Ensure legal consequences for individuals involved in animal cruelty cases.

In a recent unsettling event, a woman was apprehended for her alleged involvement in a case of severe animal neglect. This incident sheds light on a grim reality where creatures unable to voice their distress are left in conditions no living being should endure. Allegations against Rebecca Heatherly, caught in Campbell for distracted driving, unveiled a darker narrative of animal cruelty dating back to September 19, 2023.

Upon further investigation, authorities discovered multiple animals allegedly living in a state of utter neglect at 56 Chambers Street. These animals, including an adult dog, five puppies, and a cat, were reportedly living amidst hazardous conditions filled with trash, feces, urine, and fleas. The living environment described was not only deplorable but also highlighted a disturbing disregard for life. This case, linked to Heatherly and James Shankel, who remains at large, calls for immediate legal scrutiny and action.

The reported distressing state of these animals underscores a pressing need for judicial intervention to prevent further instances of cruelty. It is imperative that the legal system responds decisively to these allegations, underscoring society’s refusal to tolerate animal neglect and abuse. Ensure such inhumane treatment is met with stringent legal repercussions.


Dear Steve Franzen,

In light of recent allegations surfacing from Campbell regarding severe animal neglect, we reach out to you with a plea for justice. The case involving Rebecca Heatherly and James Shankel, accused of subjecting multiple animals to deplorable living conditions, has shocked and saddened our community. It is alleged that these individuals allowed animals to live amidst trash, feces, and urine, highlighting a disturbing neglect of their basic needs.

This scenario, uncovered due to Heatherly’s arrest for unrelated charges, reveals a larger issue of animal cruelty that demands our collective attention and action. The evidence presented suggests a grave injustice against creatures unable to defend themselves or escape their plight. We, therefore, urge you to pursue this case with the seriousness it warrants, ensuring that those responsible are held accountable for their actions.

The legal system has the power and responsibility to stand as a deterrent against such acts of cruelty. By enforcing the law and ensuring perpetrators face consequences, we can send a clear message that animal neglect and abuse will not be tolerated. We ask you to use your authority to ensure justice is served, reinforcing the importance of compassion and responsibility towards all living beings.


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Photo credit: Chirag Rathod

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