Victims of Reported Small-Town Animal Cruelty Deserve Justice

Target: Darius Kila, Representative for Hawaii’s 44th District

Goal: Advocate for stronger animal cruelty laws after string of high-profile incidents.

A Hawaiian community has had enough of the rampant acts of reported animal cruelty plaguing the region. The outcry began several months ago after a deceased dog named Noah was reportedly discovered hanging from a bridge in Nanakuli. Since then, the plight of Chevy emerged: a dog apparently found dead in his kennel with bruises and visible punctures. The latest string of disturbing incidents involves multiple animals—including a pregnant cat—reportedly shot with BB guns. The cat tragically died as a result of her wounds.

Following the gun events, community members once again rallied to bring attention to the issue. Most crucially, they want stronger legislation to protect these innocent animals. Legislators have remained out of reach and out of touch, however.

Sign the petition below to demand decisive action from these hands-off politicians.


Dear Representative Kila,

The Nanakuli community has become a case study in what results when weak animal cruelty laws are allowed to remain in place. In the past year, this community has witnessed a stray dog reportedly hung from a bridge, a kennel dog allegedly severely abused, and a rash of reported BB gun shootings that claimed the life of at least one cat. Several months ago, the community came together demanding change and action from legislators.

Their calls and pleas went unanswered. Now, they are uniting again for the same worthy cause. Please hear your constituents and support their efforts to ensure all innocent lives are safeguarded from cruelty and harm.


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Photo Credit: Mathias Reding

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  1. Some very ill people are roaming in Hawaii. These are criminal actions and if not found these criminals will continue to kill all living beings. These criminals are mentally challenged and need medical help as well as prison for their misdeeds. This may be the work of teenagers. First time offenders, but they are offenders nonetheless. They deserve no mercy for they showed no mercy to their victims. They must be tired as adults and sentenced as adults. We are people who care and we are disgusted by the lack of law in these cases. Find these people and make examples of them. If teenagers,, charge the parents too. Parents know what their kids are into most of the time. Throw the book at them too. School shootings will lessen and abuse cases will lessen as well if the parents become part of the cases. If not then these cases will become worse and more will be harmed and killed, but in the future there will be children abused and killed. You know this so why not do something now to avoid more death and trauma? Do something now!

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