Ban Distressing Viral Video of Dog Reportedly Almost Forced to Jump Off a Cliff

Target: Neal Mohan, YouTube CEO

Goal: Enforce stringent content guidelines to ensure animal safety in user-generated media.

The online realm got rocked by a deeply disturbing incident, a video reportedly showcasing a woman engaging in a zip wire stunt, perilously close to a dog, sparking widespread consternation. Allegations suggest that the dog, seemingly owned by the woman in the Lebanon-based video, came perilously close to jumping off the cliff, narrowly escaping collision. This footage, amassing over 454 million views, underlines a glaring disregard for animal welfare, spotlighting the need for stringent content regulation.

Viewers’ reactions ranged from shock to outrage, with many reporting the dog’s visible distress and the absence of safety measures. Criticisms flew thick and fast, accusing the owner of blatant irresponsibility and negligence. The lack of harness or safety gear for the dog, juxtaposed against the sheer popularity of the video, points towards a disturbing trend of prioritizing views over the well-being of innocent creatures.

This incident not merely reflects an individual’s alleged recklessness but also underscores a broader systemic issue – the lack of stringent oversight in user-generated content on digital platforms. While the YouTuber involved, Bashir Choucair, claimed the dog’s professional training and the stunt’s meticulous planning, these assertions do little to mitigate the potential risks such content poses. Hence, this petition demands that platform executives enforce robust content guidelines, prioritizing the safety and dignity of all beings involved. Take action now.


Dear Neal Mohan,

The recent video depicting a zip wire stunt with a dog in close proximity has sparked rightful indignation and concern among your platform’s viewership. This incident, reportedly showcasing a blatant disregard for animal safety, calls into question the adequacy of content oversight on your platform. Allegations point towards a distressing normalization of endangering animals for entertainment, a trend that your platform has the power and moral obligation to curb.

Viewers, taken aback by the near-miss incident, have voiced their fears and frustrations, highlighting the emotional toll such content takes. The dog’s apparent distress and the lack of visible safety measures have raised alarms about the content’s potential to encourage irresponsible behavior among content creators, keen on amassing views at any cost. Moreover, the overwhelming viewership of the video serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need to reassess and fortify content guidelines, ensuring that sensationalism never overshadows safety and ethical standards.

Therefore, we implore you to take immediate and decisive action. Implement and enforce stringent content guidelines that prioritize the welfare of animals and discourage reckless behavior. Your platform wields immense influence and with it, the responsibility to foster an environment where entertainment never comes at the expense of safety and ethics.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Have fun OK cause everytime I say something about animal abuses o utube they threatened to block me and delete what I put about animal abuses and the animal that get killed on utube

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