Address Allegations of Animal Cruelty Against Virtual Creatures

Target: Takuro Mizobe, CEO of Pocket Pair

Goal: Implement a vegan guide and cease the depiction of animal cruelty in Palworld.

Overviewing the gaming universe, one title has grabbed attention for unsavory reasons. Palworld, while climbing the ranks on Steam, stands accused of promoting virtual animal cruelty. Reports claim the game involves harming and exploiting creatures, akin to animals, for players’ gains. This dark twist in gameplay has sparked outrage and condemnation.

More specifically, Palworld is under scrutiny for gameplay elements where creatures, referred to as pals, reportedly suffer physical harm before capture. Post-capture, these pals reportedly face forced labor or combat against their kind. These distressing elements have not gone unnoticed. PETA, an advocate for ethical treatment, has vocally criticized these practices. They argue that such gameplay normalizes and trivializes violence against creatures, potentially desensitizing players to real-life animal suffering.

Change is imperative. To allow such content unchallenged is to disregard the ethical implications of gaming content. A shift towards a more compassionate portrayal of creatures in Palworld is needed. Pocket Pair, the game’s developer, must introduce a vegan guide and modify gameplay to reflect respect for virtual life. Take a stand against cruelty, even in a digital format.


Dear Takuro Mizobe,

Palworld, your creation, has stirred a significant debate around virtual ethics. The depiction of creatures subjected to violence and exploitation within the game has led to accusations of promoting animal cruelty. This letter seeks to address these concerns and urge meaningful action.

The gameplay, as it stands, involves elements where pals allegedly endure harm for players’ benefits, be it through combat or forced labor. This portrayal not only diminishes the value of virtual life but also risks normalizing insensitivity towards real-life creatures. PETA, along with concerned players, has voiced disapproval of these aspects. The game’s content, they argue, trivializes serious ethical considerations.

We urge you to act responsibly. Introducing a vegan guide and revising gameplay to exclude animal cruelty would demonstrate a commitment to ethical gaming. This move can position Pocket Pair as a pioneer in promoting compassion and respect in the gaming world. We implore you to consider these changes, aligning your game with principles that value life, even in a virtual setting.


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Photo credit: Lyncconf Games

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