Don’t Torture Animals to Make Beauty Products

Target: C K Kumaravel, Co-Founder of Naturals

Goal: Implement stringent oversight to confirm adherence to cruelty-free standards in the Naturals-StarStruck collaboration.

In a landmark move, Naturals, India’s top grooming chain, has allied with ‘StarStruck by Sunny Leone’, aiming to redefine beauty standards. This strategic fusion emphasizes cruelty-free practices, quality and ecological consciousness. At the forefront, Sunny Leone and C K Kumaravel advocate for a beauty industry free from animal testing, highlighting its positive impact on our planet. However, despite these noble aspirations, skepticism abounds.

Allegations linger around the efficacy and genuineness of these cruelty-free claims. With Naturals’ expansive presence in over 750 locations, ensuring adherence to these ethical standards across the board is daunting. The collaboration boasts a noble vision, integrating quality education in Naturals Beauty Academy with the sophistication of StarStruck by Sunny Leone. Yet, questions arise. Are these practices genuinely implemented, or are they a facade for brand enhancement? The beauty industry is notoriously opaque, making it crucial for firms like Naturals to lead by example and ensure transparency in their cruelty-free initiatives.

The gravity of this collaboration extends beyond mere business growth; it’s a matter of ethical integrity and environmental stewardship. The alliance has the potential to set a precedent for the entire beauty industry, fostering a paradigm shift towards cruelty-free and environmentally conscious practices. Demand firm action to validate the authenticity of these cruelty-free claims.


Dear C K Kumaravel,

The partnership between Naturals and StarStruck by Sunny Leone, celebrated for its commitment to cruelty-free beauty and environmental consciousness, has captured the public’s attention. This collaboration, with its potent blend of beauty education and ethical practice, is positioned to revolutionize the beauty industry. However, with such great innovation comes great responsibility. The public, while hopeful, remains cautious. We seek assurances that this initiative is not a mere marketing strategy but a genuine commitment to ethical beauty standards.

It is imperative that Naturals enforces strict oversight and transparent reporting to validate the cruelty-free claims of your products and services. The beauty industry, rife with vague promises and unchecked practices, needs leaders like you to champion real change. By implementing rigorous standards and providing clear evidence of compliance, Naturals can solidify its stance as a beacon of integrity and responsibility in the beauty sector. This will not only enhance your brand’s credibility but also set a powerful example for the entire industry to emulate.

We urge you, Mr. Kumaravel, to take immediate and tangible steps to affirm the authenticity of your cruelty-free claims. This is your chance to lead a transformative shift, not just within Naturals and StarStruck by Sunny Leone, but across the entire beauty landscape. By committing to transparency and ethical practices, you can turn the lofty ideals of your collaboration into a reality, winning the trust of your patrons and paving the way for a more humane and sustainable future in the beauty industry.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Verghese TK


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