Justice for Foster Kittens Allegedly Exploited in Unlicensed Cat Cafe

Target: Senator the Hon Katy Gallagher, Canberra, Australia

Goal: Enforce legal action against the reported exploitation of foster kittens in unauthorized ventures.

The news of foster kittens allegedly being exploited in an unlicensed ‘cat cafe’ in Canberra has sparked outrage. A cat foster carer, associated with Paws for More, reportedly set up this makeshift cafe in her living room and advertised this peculiar business on social media, inviting customers to bring their own coffee while interacting with the kittens for a fee. This venture, allegedly devoid of essential permits and insurance, raises serious concerns about animal welfare and ethical conduct.

Details of the incident suggest a troubling disregard for proper care standards. Customers were reportedly charged $20 per adult and $25 per child to spend time with the kittens, with minimum charges in place. This makeshift operation, seemingly bypassing standard food preparation and insurance requirements, has attracted criticism online. While some defended the idea, others questioned its legitimacy, comparing it unfavorably with volunteering at local shelters. The fact that customers had to provide their own beverages adds to the peculiarity of the situation, with many questioning the true intent behind this venture.

This incident highlights the need for stringent enforcement of animal welfare laws and regulations governing foster care of pets. It’s vital that authorities take immediate action to ensure no such ventures exploit vulnerable animals in the future. Demand a thorough investigation into this matter and appropriate legal action against those responsible for seemingly exploiting these foster kittens.


Dear Senator the Hon Katy Gallagher,

Recent events involving the alleged exploitation of foster kittens in Canberra have raised significant concerns about animal welfare and ethical standards in pet care. A cat foster carer associated with Paws for More has allegedly operated an unlicensed ‘cat cafe’ from her home, using foster kittens as a lure for customers. This apparently unregulated venture, where customers provided their own coffee, charged significant fees for interactions with these kittens. The apparent lack of required permits and insurance in this operation poses a serious question about the safety and well-being of these animals.

The alleged details of this operation are disturbing. Customers were reportedly charged high fees to interact with these kittens, in a setting seemingly devoid of the necessary food preparation and insurance standards. This event has received notable criticism online, with many questioning its legitimacy and comparing it unfavorably to volunteering opportunities at local shelters. The makeshift nature of this cafe, coupled with the exploitation of these vulnerable animals for personal gain, necessitates immediate action.

We urge you to conduct a thorough investigation into this matter and take appropriate legal action against those responsible for this apparent exploitation. It is imperative that we uphold the highest standards of animal welfare and ensure that such incidents are not repeated. The welfare of these kittens and the integrity of pet foster care systems in Canberra depend on your prompt and decisive action.


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Photo credit: Peng Louis

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