Justice for Stray Dog Allegedly Attacked Over Car Cover Damage

Target: Bhagwant Mann, Chief Minister of Punjab

Goal: Punish those allegedly responsible for heinous assault on a stray dog.

A stray dog, in a seemingly peaceful neighborhood, allegedly became the victim of a ruthless act of violence in the Indian state of Punjab. This appalling incident, captured on CCTV, unfolded on a quiet evening. The dog, merely existing in its environment, reportedly had no way to anticipate the cruelty it was about to face. According to reports, the animal suffered multiple strikes with a stick and further attacks with a sharp-edged weapon. The alleged reason for this horrific act? A damaged car cover.

The CCTV footage allegedly shows the accused, identified in the complaint, mercilessly hitting the dog. It appears the attack didn’t end with blunt force, escalating to the use of a sharp weapon as the dog, defenseless and bewildered, endured repeated blows that suggest a disturbing level of cruelty. The attackers, driven by fury over a material object, showed complete disregard for life. Their actions, if proven true, demonstrate a troubling lack of empathy and a dangerous propensity for violence.

This case isn’t merely about animal cruelty; it’s a test of our societal values. Animals, as sentient beings, deserve protection from such wanton acts of violence. The law must send a clear message: cruelty towards animals is unacceptable and punishable. Demand immediate legal action against the individuals accused of this alleged crime. Their apprehension and prosecution are essential to ensure justice for the innocent animal and to uphold the principles of compassion and justice in our society.


Dear CM Bhagwant Mann,

I am writing to bring your attention to a disturbing incident involving a stray dog. This animal, harmless and vulnerable, became the target of an alleged ruthless assault. As per reports, the dog was first hit with a stick, then attacked with a sharp-edged weapon. The motivation for this brutality? A damaged car cover. This act of violence, allegedly perpetrated by identified individuals, was captured on CCTV, providing compelling evidence of the cruelty inflicted on the defenseless animal.

The level of aggression apparently shown towards this stray dog raises serious concerns. Not only does it reflect a gross violation of animal rights, but it also indicates a worrying disregard for life and safety within the community. The alleged perpetrators, if found guilty, must face the full force of the law. Their actions, as described in the complaint, betray a dangerous tendency that should not be overlooked. This case is a crucial opportunity to reinforce the sanctity of life, whether human or animal and to demonstrate the legal system’s commitment to justice and compassion.

Therefore, I urge you to take swift and decisive action in this matter. The prosecution of those responsible for this heinous act is not only a matter of justice for the injured animal but also a step towards upholding our community’s moral and legal standards. Let this case be a reminder that cruelty in any form, towards any being, is intolerable and will be met with the appropriate legal response.


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Photo credit: Andreas Metz


  1. As stated earlier in the text, this case isn’t merely about animal cruelty; it’s a test of our societal values. Animals, as sentient beings, deserve protection from such wanton acts of violence. Men do this because they are angry nd pick on some living thing which can not protect itself. That’s a hideous crime. Pathetic! India has laws but if not a religious animal then I guess no laws apply. Horrible things are done by people all over the world but India has so much of this happening these days. Every country has the obligation to protect those who can not protect themselves such as animals and children. Strengthen your laws to protect the innocent.

  2. In that stupid ass country they don’t give a shit about animals abuse over there

  3. If you take animal cruelty lightly it will only reflect badly on yourself India. All lives matter, animals are created by God so respect their existence and let them co-exist with humans peacefully. Animal abusers must pay a high price for their heinous acts.

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