Justice for Dog Reportedly Found With Slit Throat

Target: Greg Neugebauer, District Attorney of Cambria County, Pennsylvania

Goal: Ensure legal consequences for individuals allegedly involved in the brutal act against Myles.

In Northern Cambria Borough, Pennsylvania, a dog named Myles reportedly suffered a fate no creature should ever endure. On October 11, authorities reportedly discovered Myles in a basement, his throat tragically slit, in conditions described as horrific. The scene was one of apparent neglect and cruelty, with the basement filled with maggots and feces. This alleged act, so vile and inhumane, cries out for justice.

Sara Galla and Devon Imler, the two individuals charged in this appalling case, reportedly had varying accounts of the events leading to Myles’s death. Their inconsistent statements and the disturbing nature of the discovery raise serious concerns. It’s alleged that Imler had entrusted Galla to care for Myles while he was away, a trust grossly betrayed if these allegations hold true. The presence of messages seemingly indicating knowledge of Myles’s death adds a layer of shock to this already heartbreaking case.

The severity of this incident cannot be understated. It compels us to demand swift and fair legal action. Myles’s alleged suffering must not be in vain; it underscores the need for stringent enforcement of animal cruelty laws. Urge the District Attorney of Cambria County to pursue this case with the gravity it deserves. The alleged perpetrators must face the full extent of legal repercussions if found guilty.


Dear Attorney Greg Neugebauer,

The heartbreaking case of Myles, the dog whose life ended in such a tragic and allegedly cruel manner, has deeply disturbed our community. On October 11, Myles was reportedly found with his throat slit in a basement that was in a deplorable state. This case, involving Sara Galla and Devon Imler, demands your immediate and focused attention. Their alleged neglect and cruelty represent a profound violation of trust and decency.

The details of this case are harrowing. Myles was left in conditions no living being should ever endure, pointing to a severe lack of empathy and responsibility. It is alleged that while Imler was away, he entrusted Galla with Myles’s care. Yet, the conditions in which Myles was reportedly found and the subsequent investigations suggest a grim betrayal of this trust. The discrepancies in their statements and the messages indicating knowledge of Myles’s death add to the gravity of this case.

Therefore, we implore you to pursue this case with the utmost seriousness. If these allegations are proven, it is imperative that justice be served. The legal system must send a clear message that such acts of alleged cruelty are intolerable. We trust in your commitment to justice and in ensuring that the alleged perpetrators are held accountable for their actions, should they be found guilty.


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Photo credit: Rennett Stowe

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