Justice for Severely Malnourished Dogs Allegedly Left in Animal Waste

Target: Joe Gonzales, Bexar County District Attorney

Goal: Secure stringent legal consequences for the individual accused of severe animal cruelty in Bexar County.

Recent reports from Bexar County, Texas, have brought to light a harrowing case of animal cruelty. Allegedly, five dogs were found in a severely malnourished state at a residence in far West Bexar County. These animals, reportedly suffering due to neglect, represent a shocking disregard for basic animal welfare. Patrol deputies and a Special Enforcement Unit discovered these dogs in what can only be described as a distressing condition, highlighting a grievous case of alleged animal neglect.

Upon arrival at the 13000 block of Tramonto Hill, authorities described an overwhelming stench of animal waste and ammonia, making it difficult to breathe. This sensory detail underscores the alleged neglect’s severity. Whitney Davis, the homeowner, surrendered the dogs, who were then taken for emergency medical care. Davis faces charges of cruelty to non-livestock animals, highlighting a need for awareness and action against such alleged abuses.

This petition seeks to ensure that justice prevails. The dogs’ condition as described by the authorities paints a vivid and heart-wrenching picture of suffering. Such alleged acts of cruelty cannot go unpunished. A clear message must be sent that the community stands firmly against such alleged mistreatment. Demand that the Bexar County District Attorney pursue the strictest legal consequences for the individual accused of this alleged cruelty.


Dear Attorney Joe Gonzales,

I write to you with a heavy heart, reflecting on the recent distressing discovery in Bexar County. The alleged neglect and cruelty faced by five dogs are both shocking and unacceptable. The conditions described by the patrol deputies and the Special Enforcement Unit – the overwhelming stench, and the dogs’ malnourished state – paint a disturbing picture of the alleged suffering endured by these animals. This case not only speaks to the plight of these dogs but also raises concerns about a broader issue of animal welfare in our community.

It is imperative that such alleged acts of cruelty are met with appropriate legal responses. The charges against Whitney Davis, who is accused of this neglect, represent a crucial step in acknowledging and addressing such grievous acts. However, more needs to be done. The community looks to your office for leadership in ensuring that justice is served in this case. This is not merely about one incident; it’s about setting a precedent that animal cruelty, in any form, is intolerable and will be met with stringent legal repercussions.

Therefore, I urge you to pursue the strictest possible legal consequences for the individual accused in this case. Doing so will send a strong message that our community does not tolerate animal cruelty and will take every necessary step to prevent it. Let this case be an example of our collective commitment to protecting the vulnerable and voiceless. I, along with many others, trust in your commitment to justice and await your decisive action in this matter.

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Photo credit: Phil King

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