Justice for Helpless Dog Reportedly Caned in Pet Shop

Target: Lee Sing Lit, Senior Director Crime Division Office of the Public Prosecutor, Singapore

Goal: Ensure legal action against the pet shop employee for the allegedly atrocious caning of a dog.

A harrowing incident at Whatupdawg, located on East Coast Rd, Singapore, has recently come to the public’s attention, igniting widespread revulsion and outcry. A distressing video showcases an employee of the pet shop allegedly caning a defenseless dog.

This helpless animal, reportedly cornered and emitting cries of distress, depicts a stark and alarming picture of brutality. The footage, having gone viral, underscores the gravity of this alleged act of cruelty. Over 25,000 individuals have witnessed this distressing scene, leading to an uproar among netizens and animal advocates alike.

Responding to the outcry, Whatupdawg has issued statements reportedly acknowledging the incident and the subsequent dismissal of the implicated staff member, Mr. Sim. However, this acknowledgment, coming after authorities’ intervention, raises serious questions about the establishment’s commitment to animal welfare and safety.

The heinous nature of this alleged act necessitates stringent legal action. It is crucial to ensure that such alleged cruelty towards animals, particularly in a setting entrusted with their care, is met with appropriate legal repercussions.


Dear Director Lee Sing Lit,

We are writing to bring to your attention a distressing incident that occurred at Whatupdawg pet shop on East Coast Rd, Singapore. A video, which has now become viral, shows an employee of the store allegedly engaging in the cruel caning of a defenseless dog.

This disturbing footage seemingly portrays the animal in a state of fear and pain, underscoring a severe breach of animal welfare standards. The public’s reaction to this video has been one of shock and indignation, with a strong consensus that such alleged actions should not go unpunished.

The store’s response to the incident, including the dismissal of the employee, Mr. Sim, does not negate the need for legal action. It is vital for your office to initiate proceedings against the individual allegedly responsible for this act of cruelty. This case presents an opportunity to affirm Singapore’s commitment to protecting animal rights and ensuring that such egregious acts are met with the full force of the law.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Mike González


  1. Close this store and rescue the animals and keep it closed until new laws are made that sentence this scum to prison!!!!!!

  2. Laura Rolder says:

    Shut this stirexof horrirs down. No innocent helpless loving innocent animal ever deserves to be abused. Lock this monster away in jail.

  3. Alice Knight says:

    Has any action come to the facilities? If there is any doubt into the establishments devotion in to the caring of animals it should be shut down and the animals be given to hopefuly reputable caregivers.

  4. Elease M. Bradford says:

    Mr. Sim is a low down jerk for caning this innocent dog. I’m glad he was dismissed. But that’s not enough. He needs to be severely punished. Get well soon fur baby and I hope you get justice.

  5. Grab Mr Sim and throw him in prison for a very long time. He deserves no less. He needs to face the full force of the law. He also needs to be in a mental institution if he doesn’t go to prison. No person is allowed to do such harm and Mr. Sim is one sick man! He is a danger to society. As for the store, close them down. Who hires someone who is so brutal? The store has no right to stay open and Mr Sim has no right to life without paying with part of his own life … in prison for the manner in which he tortured this dog. This doesn’t help the poor dog who suffered such brutality by Mr Sim. But if thrown in prison or a mental institution Mr. Sim will suffer by not being able to live freely.

  6. This isn’t the first time…He just got caught this time.

  7. Lee Sing – Please prosecute this uneducated piece of shit Mr. Sim, then cane HIM to within an inch of his life so the bastard knows how it feels! Mr. Sim also needs to be removed from the gene pool.

  8. Mariangela Canzi says:

    Caning a defenceless and innocent dog is terrible. This man is cruel and stupid and must be charged and punished to the fullest extent of the law. I do hope that wonderful dog is now fine and safe.

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