Justice for Children and Dogs Allegedly Starved to Sickness

Target: Anne T. Donnelly, District Attorney of Nassau County, New York

Goal: Secure legal action against Eliakim Ishchayil for alleged child and animal neglect and identity theft.

In the quiet suburb of Massapequa, a harrowing discovery shakes our sense of security and justice. Eliakim Ishchayil, a 53-year-old Long Island resident, stands accused of severe neglect of his two children and five dogs, alongside allegations of identity theft. This case, emerging from an investigation into a purported swindle against his sister, reveals a disturbing scenario. His children, merely nine and six, were found in conditions described as “deplorable”, a stark contrast to the serenity of their neighborhood. Additionally, the five malnourished dogs, one bearing a bloody wound, were reportedly trapped in cages amidst their own waste, a sight that challenges our community’s values.

This appalling situation came to light during an investigation into Ishchayil’s alleged attempt to defraud his sister. His deceitful actions reportedly extended to the illegal transfer of his sister’s house deed into his name. The discovery of these two young children and the dogs in such seemingly distressing conditions raises urgent questions about the safeguarding of the vulnerable in our society. The children were immediately taken to a hospital, a testament to the severity of their situation, before being placed in foster care. The dogs, too, in dire need of care, were taken to The Town of Oyster Bay Animal Shelter. The absence of basic necessities like food and water in the house only adds to the gravity of the allegations.

These events call for immediate and decisive action. It is time to call for legal repercussions for the alleged neglect and fraud committed by Ishchayil. His actions, as reported, not only constitute a grave violation of trust and responsibility but also reflect a shocking disregard for basic human and animal welfare. Demand justice for the victims, both human and animal, and ensure such neglect and deceit does not go unpunished.


Dear District Attorney Donnelly,

We write to you amidst a climate of dismay and urgency following the distressing discoveries in Massapequa, Long Island. Eliakim Ishchayil, a resident of this community, is accused of deeply troubling acts. Allegations against him include the neglect of his two young children and five dogs, alongside involvement in identity theft. The children and animals were reportedly found in conditions no living being should endure, a situation that demands your attention and action. Ishchayil’s alleged actions betray a disturbing neglect of basic care and responsibility, issues that strike at the heart of our community’s values.

This case unfolded in the context of a larger investigation into Ishchayil’s activities, specifically an alleged scheme to defraud his sister. The extent of the alleged deceit and neglect uncovered is profoundly distressing. Children living in squalor, dogs starved and injured, a household devoid of basic sustenance – these reported images challenge our community’s understanding of safety and care. The rapid response by authorities, including Child Protective Services and animal welfare organizations, underscores the severity of the situation. Yet, this response alone is not enough. We seek legal action to address these grave allegations, ensuring justice and protection for the vulnerable.

We urge you, as the District Attorney of Nassau County, to take decisive legal action against Eliakim Ishchayil. The allegations of child and animal neglect, combined with the suspected fraud, warrant thorough investigation and appropriate legal response. Our petition represents a community’s call for justice, a plea to uphold the values of care, responsibility, and legal integrity. We entrust this matter to your office, confident in your commitment to justice and the protection of the vulnerable in our society.


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Photo credit: Stanley Zimny

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  1. Laura Rolder says:

    Please lock this evil monster away for life no child or animal should ever be abused.

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