Justice For Dog Allegedly Killed After Being Hung by Its Collar

Target: Kim Reynolds, Governor of Iowa

Goal: Ensure justice for the dog allegedly killed and stored in a freezer.

In Davenport, Iowa, a heart-wrenching incident allegedly occurred, shaking the community. Noah House, aged 24, reportedly engaged in the horrifying act of killing a dog. This appalling act was not just an apparent incident of animal cruelty; it was a portrayal of brutality at its peak. The dog, merely five years old, seemingly faced a death most would shudder to contemplate. According to court filings, it was hung “in a sadistic manner” by its collar, a detail that stirs deep emotions and cries for justice.

Further intensifying the heinous nature of this alleged crime, after the dog’s death, House purportedly placed the lifeless body in a trash bag and then stored it in a freezer. Such acts display a chilling disregard for life and dignity. The community of Davenport, and indeed all who uphold compassion and justice, are left aghast by these allegations. The severity and macabre nature of this act cannot be understated. It paints a picture of cruelty that is not only deeply disturbing but also demands an unyielding response from the justice system.

The necessity for stringent legal action in this case is clear. Our petition fervently demands that Noah House face the fullest legal consequences for his alleged actions. We seek not only justice for the innocent life lost in such a barbaric way but also a message to society that such acts of cruelty will meet with the sternest response. It is a matter of moral and civic duty to ensure that alleged perpetrators of such vile acts are held accountable.


Dear Governor Kim Reynolds,

The alleged actions of Noah House, as detailed in recent court documents, have brought a wave of shock and revulsion across Davenport and beyond. This case, involving the alleged killing of a defenseless dog in a manner described as sadistic, has touched a nerve with all who value life and decency. The details, as alleged, of the dog being hung by its collar and subsequently stored in a freezer, are particularly disturbing and paint a picture of cruelty that cannot be ignored.

This act, as described, is not merely a reported instance of animal cruelty, but a display of callousness and a blatant disregard for life that shakes the very foundations of our community’s values. It is crucial that such actions, if proven, are met with the full force of the law. This is necessary not only for justice to be served for the innocent animal that suffered but also to send a clear message that such acts are intolerable in our society.

Therefore, we strongly urge you to prosecute Noah House to the fullest extent possible under the law. This case presents an opportunity to reaffirm our societal commitment to compassion, justice, and the rule of law. It is imperative that the legal response be proportionate to the gravity of the alleged crime, to ensure that justice prevails, and to demonstrate that such heinous acts have no place in our community.


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Photo credit: Nuno Silva


  1. Sherry Akridge says:

    Google his name. He hung the dog in the house, by the collar until the dog died. Then he placed that poor creature in a garbage bag and put the dog in a freezer. He is a sicko! He needs to be put away! He will go on hurting and killing animals. He needs to be punished to the fullest. He is a murderer!

  2. Put this sick twisted psycho away for good before he strikes again! Max punishment for ANIMAL CRUELTY!

  3. Heidi Dell says:

    This unfortunately was my daughter’s ex, she turned him in. Can I send a picture of Grover to add to this? I hate that he (Grover) has not been given a voice and we would like for his name and face to be seen. Noah is a monster in many aspects and we also want the max for him.

  4. Kenny C Reed says:

    Heidi Dell is my niece,her daughter my great niece,love both of them dearly, Grover I’ve never met,but love him just as well because they do& that’s just the way it is , I don’t like to hate, but I’ll let mine be warranted here, beyond words.

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