Don’t Give Hunters Free Passes for Alleged Animal Cruelty

Target: Jessica Zaleski, State’s Attorney for Caledonia County, VT

Goal: Prosecute man accused of mercilessly killing deer in cruel manner to fullest extent.

A disturbing video is bringing renewed scrutiny to a glaring loophole in the state of Vermont’s animal cruelty laws. The video reportedly depicts a man—Logan Bogie—stroking a panting, bleeding, and dying deer while saying, “good boy.” Bogie has apparently admitted to shooting the animal (that he spotted at night while driving and angry) with a crossbow. He then allegedly left the deer in tremendous pain and likely suffering from spinal trauma for over an hour (including taking time to shoot the video) before ultimately ending the animal’s life.

Bogie is facing charges, but none of them relate to animal cruelty. The man is protected under a clause in Vermont’s cruelty statutes that essentially exempts hunters from ever facing any charges, even when unethical and torturous methods are used. Bogie is shielding himself with this law in spite of reports that the charges he is facing involve allegations of poaching and hunting with a suspended license. Advocates are calling on the local attorney’s office to take a stand and take on this case.

Sign the petition below to join in these efforts to secure justice for this seemingly targeted animal.


Dear State’s Attorney Zaleski,

You have defended your decision not to pursue charges against Logan Bogie on the grounds that this man’s reported actions are protected by Title 13 and “activities regulated by the Department of Fish and Wildlife.” But how is Bogie—a man under investigation for charges of poaching and a man who allegedly violated rules of hunting ethics—shielded by an exemption meant for law-abiding hunters? The video of Bogie seemingly holding court over a dying and in-pain deer has not only shocked the consciousness but also provided apparent evidence of this man’s wrongdoing.

Please help compel the needed change to state laws by holding Bogie accountable for the most egregious crime he allegedly committed. As defined by this state, “a person commits the crime of cruelty to animals if the person tortures or torments an animal.”


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Photo Credit: Andrew Dressel


  1. Sherry Akridge says:

    Logan Bogie sounds like a sadistic psychopath! What a piece of garbage he is. Vermont, What are you doing with your cruelty laws? Protecting these killers, these hunters. Hunting with a suspended license. He is clearly showing he has no regard for rules of any kind! These animal abusers make me sick!

  2. Alice Knight says:

    I do not believe these excuses! Hunters have the right of way to destroy an animal in any manner they wish no matter how cruel and inhumane. Why an exception for hunters? What is the reason behind their protection?

  3. All these Animal Torturing murdering putrid sub humans need to be wiped of the face of this earth! They are GOOD FOR NOTHING!!! only good when they are DEAD! They are EVIL PUTRID SCUM!! They are the lowest of all living things.

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