Young Pit Bull Hacked to Death Deserves Justice

Target: Mauricio Vila Dosal, Governor of Yucatán, Mexico

Goal: Demand an exhaustive investigation into the brutal killing of a young pit bull named “Orus”.

In the serene San Antonio Xluch locality of Mérida, a ghastly act of violence shattered the community’s peace. Orus, a four-month-old pit bull, fell victim to a savage act. This puppy met an unjust end right at the threshold of the owner’s abode. The puppy was hacked to death even though the alleged perpetrator remains a mystery.

Samanta Panti Asueta, who nurtured Orus, stands bewildered by the brutality that befell her pet. Her distress is palpable, as prior threats or animosity from neighbors were non-existent. The identity of the assailant remains shrouded in mystery. With no leads and no known grievances, the case grows colder by the hour. On November 8, an official report was lodged with the State Attorney General’s Office, marking the beginning of the pursuit of justice for Orus.

Alarmingly, this incident is not isolated. Raúl Argáez, leading the One Million Hopes Association, underscores a distressing trend in Yucatán. He chronicles several allegedly harrowing events: dogs perishing from neglect, others being hauled to their doom, and even humans suffering from canine attacks. With the frequency of these horrors mounting, a call for action echoes through the community. It’s time to take action.


Dear Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal,

The surge of animal abuse in Yucatán, underscored by the recent atrocity against a young pit bull named Orus, demands urgent attention. The populace of Mérida, and beyond, reels from these acts of violence that mar the society’s fabric. We call upon you, with the utmost gravity, to spearhead a rigorous probe into these incidents, ensuring that justice prevails for Orus and the numerous other victims.

An immediate and robust response is essential. We urge you to direct law enforcement to delve deeply into these matters, to bring the perpetrators to light, and to enforce the full weight of the law. This pattern of cruelty must be halted, and a precedent set that such acts will encounter staunch opposition and stringent consequences.

We anticipate a future for Yucatán where every being, human or animal, exists in safety and respect. Your leadership can affirm this vision. Let it be known that Yucatán stands as a beacon of justice and humanity.


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  1. Justice for all these innocent lprecious lives! Please tighten animal protection laws!

  2. Justice for Orus! RIP
    Death penalty for bastard killer(s)

  3. Alice Knight says:

    What is going on inside of human beings? Do they have too much time on their hands, bored, or feel the need to prove their superiority or a bad day at the office? None of these make for any sort of excuse. Once again I need to ask the person/s who reported this , how did they know this happened? If they were present during this horrific attack , could a description or photo not have been produced? Find the person/s who committed this crime and make them be held accountable. Violence against one human to another is barbaric enough, but, a violent attack against a puppy is heinous.

  4. Jennifer Lockett says:

    Sadly most societies are patriarchal. Mexico is even more patriarchal than the US which is saying something. Men are violent. This is what they do. Especially since there’s nothing to stop them. Leaders are mostly men and since violence doesn’t disrupt their lives as much as it does everyone else’s nothing ever changes. They are able to kill, rape, beat, destroy in all places they live. Male Chimpanzees are the only other animal who is as violent as a Homo sapiens male.

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