Terrier Who Reportedly Suffered Multiple Bone Fractures After Owner’s Attack Deserves Justice

Target: Mr. Todd Westwood, SPCA Chief Executive, New Zealand

Goal: Secure harsher penalties for animal cruelty cases following the distressing alleged abuse of a small dog named Mister.

In Porirua, North Island, New Zealand, a grievous instance of animal cruelty emerged when a terrier allegedly suffered at his owner’s hands. Mister, the dog, reportedly endured a brutal attack that led to severe injuries. After getting his claw caught, Mister’s subsequent actions, which included an accidental indoor relief, apparently provoked the owner’s rage.

As per SPCA reports, the retaliation involved a forceful kick and an act of throwing that caused multiple bone fractures and a lung collapse. Charged with ill-treatment of an animal, the owner faced the Porirua District Court and received a sentence; one month of community detention and six months of supervision, with a three-year ban on dog ownership.

Though Mister recovered and found a new home, the sentence raises concerns over its adequacy in deterring future cruelty. Take action now.


Dear Mr. Westwood,

In the wake of Mister’s harrowing ordeal, there comes a clarion call for a re-examination of animal cruelty sentencing in New Zealand. It is disconcerting to learn that the abuse, which left a dog with broken bones and a punctured lung, resulted in what many might consider a lenient punishment. This event, marked by a disturbingly violent reaction to a pet’s minor transgression, should catalyze a stricter stance against animal cruelty.

We request a comprehensive review of the sentencing guidelines. Current penalties fail to encapsulate the severity of such acts, potentially falling short in safeguarding countless animals that remain silent witnesses and victims to human wrath. It is crucial that the legal system reflects a firm commitment to justice and compassion for all beings, setting a precedent that discourages future maltreatment.

Mister’s case must not simply be a footnote in the annals of animal welfare. Let it be the impetus for change. We urge you to advocate for revised, stringent penalties that match the gravity of the crimes committed against creatures unable to plea for mercy.

With respect and hope for reform,

[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Magda Ehlers

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