Dogs Reportedly Abused by Former Cop Turned Pet Sitter Deserve Justice

Target: Ms. Sarah Brown, Director of Animal Welfare Services in Manatee County, Florida, USA

Goal: Ensure a comprehensive investigation into the allegations of animal cruelty at a pet sitting business.

In Florida’s Manatee County, grave concerns have emerged involving Nicholas Zotto, age 29, a former Hardee County Sheriff’s Office deputy, and his pet-sitting business, Pawsome Sitters LLC. Allegations arose after videos, reportedly demonstrating improper conduct toward animals, surfaced. Although specifics of the allegations remain under scrutiny, they include distressing footage reportedly showing mistreatment of dogs and potential evidence of violence and negligence.

These actions, if true, betray a trust crucial to pet owners and threaten the welfare of animals under Zotto’s care. Following the revelations, the Hardee County Sheriff’s Office has terminated Zotto’s employment, citing a breach of professional ethics. With Pawsome Sitters now listed as “permanently closed,” the community and animal advocates call for justice and safeguarding against future misconduct. It’s time to take appropriate action.


Dear Ms. Sarah Brown,

Allegations of animal cruelty within Manatee County have deeply troubled the community and demand your urgent attention. Nicholas Zotto, a former law enforcement officer, and proprietor of the now-defunct Pawsome Sitters LLC, stands accused of mistreating animals he was entrusted to protect. This letter serves as an impassioned plea for swift and thorough action from Animal Welfare Services.

Videos, now public, indicate a disturbing pattern of behavior unbecoming of an animal care professional. It is imperative that your office spearheads a rigorous inquiry to assess the validity of these claims. Should they prove true, it is critical that appropriate measures are taken to ensure accountability and prevent future instances of cruelty.

Your role as the Director of Animal Welfare Services places you at the forefront of defending the voiceless. We urge you to utilize every available avenue to investigate these allegations, hold any wrongdoers responsible, and bolster the trust of Manatee County’s residents in the protection of their beloved pets.

It is not merely a case for the alleged victims but a pivotal moment for the community to reaffirm its commitment to compassion and responsible stewardship of animal life.

We trust your dedication to animal welfare will guide a decisive and just response.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Павел Гавриков

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  1. Sherry Akridge says:

    Put this low life psychopath away! A former Hardee County Sheriff’s Office deputy terminated, citing a breach of professional ethics. Then he just goes on to abuse innocent animals. His so called pet sitting business just gave him license to abuse innocent animals.

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