Beloved Neighborhood Peacock Killed By Arrow Deserves Justice

Target: Kevin McMahill, Sheriff of Las Vegas, NV

Goal: Investigate the death of a peacock shot by two arrows.

In a Las Vegas neighborhood, a peacock was found dead with an arrow impaling him. The peacock, named Pete, was considered a neighborhood pet, and loved by residents after appearing at his now owner’s doorstep. After Felicity Carter, one of the neighbors, found Pete in fatal condition, he was rushed to an exotic animal veterinarian in an attempt to save his life. Despite blood transfusion efforts, innocent Pete lost his life due to being shot twice with an arrow. Neighbors felt devastated about this tragic event as Pete was a notable part of the neighborhood. Now, Animal Protection Services officers search for suspects of this case to bring Pete justice.

Sign the petition below to demand Las Vegas officials take action by intensively investigating this gruesome case alongside animal protection officials. An innocent animal was brutally murdered and it is up to law enforcement to bring justice to Pete.


Dear Sheriff McMahill,

A beloved neighborhood pet was killed without reason. Pete the peacock was adored and cared for by a Las Vegas neighborhood’s residents, but now, residents mourn his death after he was found with an arrow through him. Officials report he was shot twice, and despite efforts to save his life through a blood transfusion, he died. Further investigation of this case is required to bring justice to Pete. He brought happiness to his neighborhood and did not deserve to lose his life, especially in such a tragic way.

Please take action to find who has been responsible for killing Pete. This innocent peacock was loved by many, and it is disturbing that his killer could still be out there not facing any consequences for his/her actions. We demand immediate action be taken.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Bernard Spragg. NZ


  1. Ιt wouldn’t be a bad idea if the bastard who did this crime was arrested and fucked publicly.

  2. Uncommon Sensesc says:

    I’d love to get ahold of this evil, cruel SOB – and his parents. Me, a taser, some rope, a tree and a Karma bat and innocent animals would be a little safer in Las Vegas. For some uncaring, dumbass reason, animal cruelty is a misdemeanor in LV. Someone knows who did this and they need to speak up immediately!

  3. Dr. Veronica Rynn says:

    People who do this ought to be castrated….none of their DNA is wanted in the gene pool. Scum of the earth!!!

    • I totally agree. Unfortunately, the world is governed by MEN, and we all know they would respond to that! Castration should have been introduced years ago, especially to ALL SEX OFFENDERS,as well as those of whom are extremely violent to calm them down. Such an easy task, not expensive and would definitely save a lot of people from being harmed. As for this evil little piece of s##t,he must be arrested and charged, given a good long sentence. This is how most killers start by using animals as their bait. Though, you have to blame the nation’s government for allowing such deadly weapons to be purchased so easily, the fact these extremely harmful weapons are for sale is utter madness, the US is the Wests middle East where they walk around with their armour. There is no other country in the west or for the vast majority of the world where you have fun conventions, weapon expeditions,the mentality is equally as backward as those Islamic extremists.Small children are inducted to every sort of violent,harmful and deadly weapons of which when we see this from the outside, it makes US angry,unable to believe the insanity of owning such a weapon,and blaming the government for constantly allowing the American Gun Association to have their way. I will never visit the States due to the unfathomable amount of weapons that only those within the military should be privy to. There’s a lot of people that deliberately avoid visiting the States due to the insecurity of being a target?

  4. Death penalty for bastard killer,SOB.
    Justice for Pete!, RIP

  5. Amazing Olive says:

    I would love to eradicate these assholes from the face of the earth. Animals and humans would be much safer. Find this piece of shit and shoot him, with arrows, hundreds of arrows, one at a time

  6. Pamela Plambeck says:

    Sentient beings are more than target practice. The person responsible for killing this beautiful bird needs to he held accountable for something more than a misdeamor.

  7. Death penalty for all animal killers!!!


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