Beloved Neighborhood Peacock Killed By Arrow Deserves Justice

Target: Kevin McMahill, Sheriff of Las Vegas, NV

Goal: Investigate the death of a peacock shot by two arrows.

In a Las Vegas neighborhood, a peacock was found dead with an arrow impaling him. The peacock, named Pete, was considered a neighborhood pet, and loved by residents after appearing at his now owner’s doorstep. After Felicity Carter, one of the neighbors, found Pete in fatal condition, he was rushed to an exotic animal veterinarian in an attempt to save his life. Despite blood transfusion efforts, innocent Pete lost his life due to being shot twice with an arrow. Neighbors felt devastated about this tragic event as Pete was a notable part of the neighborhood. Now, Animal Protection Services officers search for suspects of this case to bring Pete justice.

Sign the petition below to demand Las Vegas officials take action by intensively investigating this gruesome case alongside animal protection officials. An innocent animal was brutally murdered and it is up to law enforcement to bring justice to Pete.


Dear Sheriff McMahill,

A beloved neighborhood pet was killed without reason. Pete the peacock was adored and cared for by a Las Vegas neighborhood’s residents, but now, residents mourn his death after he was found with an arrow through him. Officials report he was shot twice, and despite efforts to save his life through a blood transfusion, he died. Further investigation of this case is required to bring justice to Pete. He brought happiness to his neighborhood and did not deserve to lose his life, especially in such a tragic way.

Please take action to find who has been responsible for killing Pete. This innocent peacock was loved by many, and it is disturbing that his killer could still be out there not facing any consequences for his/her actions. We demand immediate action be taken.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Bernard Spragg. NZ


  1. There seems to be a sick person. usually a kid, in every good and decent neighborhood. I hope the Sheriff’s department can find this person or persons and if guilty charge him or them with animal abuse. If they are first offenders or teens they are still guilty and need to be charged as such. They showed no mercy for Pete and thus no mercy need be shown to them. Also this crime must not be expunged from their record.

  2. Death penalty for bastard killer, SOB, coward!
    Justice for Pete! RIP

  3. Jacqueline Adams says:

    He needs an arrow right between the eyes 👀!!

  4. Find the scums who did this and fataly shoot them with their own arrows!

  5. Natalie Jarnstedt says:

    With morally & ethically bankrupt people, posing as brave bow-hunters, is there any wonder that wildlife and pet animals aren’t safe anywhere?
    Yes, every opportunity must betaken to find the killer who must be held accountable!

  6. Cathy McCormick says:

    Please find this sicko animal killer and throw him into prison! There should be zero tolerance for animal abuse!

  7. get the creep and give him what he deserves if it’s a kid chop his hands off

  8. Sherry Monsef says:

    Find the POS and lock them up.

  9. Maria Lavorato says:

    Surely someone in the neighbourhood knows who owns a bow and arrow set.

    So sad, that Pete who was bringing joy to all around him had to die and so tragically.

    There needs to be justice for Pete. Find whoever is responsible and prosecute to the full. You have an evil being in your midst that needs to be eradicated as soon as possible. …sadly, they won’t stop at this…..

  10. Lisa M Franchino says:

    There’s alot of deranged people out there that like to kill innocent animals, it’s disgusting, it’s upsetting…this world is a mess! Someone knows something! I pray to St.Francis they find this sick bastard!

  11. The current laws barely do anything to help animals, and they NEVER gove enoughpunishment for the rottenthings people do.

    This is why I believe in vigilante justice. There should be secret groups of people who will find out who this person is and quietly take him out and do whatever it takes to make sure he never harms another living thing again. Cut off a hand, break a few fingers, etc. – let him live with this the rest of his unnatural life.

  12. Mariska Meszaros says:

    Please legislate for tougher penalties for animal cruelty. These psychopaths need to be made accountable for their actions. They should also be put on a register, so members of society know these people are dangerous. After all, it’s only a matter of time before they start hurting humans.

  13. Offer a reward, people know who did this, losers like this like to brag. Once the coward is found then jail should be mandatory and set that bow he used on fire

  14. Agree all comments bow arrows should be banned and when they catch them shoot them with it and leave to have a slow death. People like that should not be alive. Justice now and a eye for a eye. To much sick cruel bastards inthis world and no punishment. Execute these bastards.

  15. Maggie Anne Edmonston says:

    The person who did this must have the brain cell of a cornflake and needs some treatment for their mental health.
    Come to my house and explain yourself, I will send you my address in the UK. You are made from evil sperm, your father should have used a condom or your mother should have kept the placenta and thrown you away. I hope someone impales you with an arrow in the eyes so you can’t see your next animal victim. Bastard…

  16. Urszula Lund says:

    No animal deserves to be the victim of DEHUMANIZED and DESENSITIZED SADISTIC PSYCHOPATHS!!! Crimes committed against defenseless animals are increasingly GROTESQUE because the punishment for animal abuse is not severe enough, and in many cases does not exist. A slap on the wrist is a MOCKERY of animal victims. This satanic pathological monster must be found and severely punished! He must also be forbidden from coming near animals ever again.
    SET a PRECEDENT, and punish to the full extent of the law!
    MAX JAIL or DEATH PENALTY for this lowlife scum!

  17. Julia Edinger says:

    “Offer a reward, people know who did this, losers like this like to brag. Once the coward is found then jail should be mandatory and set that bow he used on fire”!!!! VERY DANGEROUS KILLER ON THOSE “LOOSE”!!!! MUST BE FOUND….ASAP!!!!

  18. Julia Edinger says:


  19. Wendy Morrison says:


  20. Claudia Ferguson says:

    Please catch the creep who killed Pete! He’s like a neighborhood pet of any kind and deserves justice!

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