Protect Rare Oak Savannas From Relentless Urbanization

Target: Dan Bortner, Director of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources

Goal: Conserve and protect the dwindling oak savannas.

Indiana’s oak savannas, a vital component of the state’s natural heritage, face a perilous future. Historically, these ecosystems thrived, supporting a rich tapestry of biodiversity and offering habitat for unique flora and fauna. However, relentless urbanization and land-use changes have shrunk these natural treasures to mere fragments of their former glory.

Once expansive, these oak savannas now struggle to persist amidst encroaching development. This issue is not confined to a local scale, but impacts the broader ecological balance. The endangered species and diverse ecosystems that rely on these savannas for their very existence are under threat.

Conservationists have long recognized the importance of preserving these rare oak savannas. Yet, the urgency required for their protection has often been lacking. Immediate action is necessary to halt the irreversible loss of these ecosystems, as each day sees more land converted for other purposes.

Sign the petition below to demand a committed effort to conserve Indiana’s dwindling oak savannas, protecting the natural heritage they represent for current and future generations.


Dear Director Bortner,

The plight of Indiana’s oak savannas is a matter of great concern for those who understand the ecological significance and natural beauty they embody. These unique ecosystems, now reduced to fragments, hold the key to safeguarding biodiversity and maintaining the ecological balance in the state.

We implore you to take decisive action to protect and preserve these rare oak savannas. Their ecological value cannot be overstated, and their continued decline threatens not only the flora and fauna that call them home, but also the health of the broader environment.

We urge the Indiana Department of Natural Resources to commit to comprehensive conservation measures, ensuring the survival and revival of these vital ecosystems. The time for action is now before we lose these irreplaceable natural treasures forever.


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Photo Credit: USFWS Midwest Region

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