Control Industrial Activities to Protect Karst Topography, a Geological Wonder

Target: Jim Weingart, Director of the Indiana Department of Environmental Management

Goal: Safeguard Indiana’s invaluable Karst topography.

Indiana’s Karst topography, characterized by its intricate network of sinkholes, underground caves, and porous limestone landscapes, is a geological wonder that holds great ecological and hydrological significance. This unique environment provides a habitat for diverse plant and animal species while playing a crucial role in groundwater filtration and recharge.

Over recent years, urban development and land use practices have increasingly encroached upon these fragile Karst regions, posing significant threats to their preservation. The relentless expansion of construction, agriculture, and industrial activities is degrading this delicate ecosystem. The loss of Karst features disrupts natural drainage patterns, leading to increased flooding and water pollution, ultimately impacting the quality of life for both wildlife and residents.

Given the immense ecological and hydrological value of Indiana’s Karst topography, it is imperative to take immediate action to conserve and protect these vital natural resources.

Sign the petition below to demand that the Indiana Department of Environmental Management establishes and enforces stringent regulations and conservation measures to safeguard Indiana’s unique Karst topography for future generations.


Dear Director Weingart,

The geological marvel known as Karst topography is an essential component of Indiana’s natural heritage. Its intricate network of sinkholes, underground caves, and limestone landscapes not only captivates the senses, but also performs critical ecological and hydrological functions.

However, we have witnessed an alarming trend in recent years. Rampant urban development, intensive agriculture, and unchecked industrial activities are systematically eroding these fragile Karst environments. This degradation threatens the delicate balance of nature, disrupts groundwater recharge, and jeopardizes the well-being of countless species that depend on this unique landscape.

We implore you to take immediate and decisive action to protect Indiana’s Karst topography. Enforce stringent regulations that limit further encroachment into these fragile regions and promote responsible land use practices that prioritize the conservation of this invaluable natural resource.

It is the shared responsibility to ensure that future generations can marvel at the wonders of Indiana’s Karst topography and benefit from its vital hydrological services.


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