Save the Salmon and the Steelhead From Rapid Urbanization

Target: Director Jim Fredericks, Idaho Department of Fish and Game

Goal: Enact urgent conservation measures to secure the future of Idaho’s critical salmon and steelhead habitat.

Idaho’s remarkable ecosystem is home to crucial populations of salmon and steelhead, which not only enrich the natural environment but also sustain local communities. However, this vital habitat is under immediate threat due to a series of challenges that Idaho faces.

The presence of dams on Idaho’s rivers obstructs the vital migration routes of salmon and steelhead, disrupting their life cycles and endangering their existence.

Rapid urbanization and land development in Idaho lead to the degradation of the pristine habitats that salmon and steelhead depend on for spawning and survival.

The consequences of climate change, including rising temperatures and altered precipitation patterns, affect river temperatures crucial for salmon and steelhead, making it even more challenging for them to thrive.

Overfishing and pollution in Idaho’s waterways pose further threats to salmon and steelhead populations, affecting the overall health of the ecosystem.

Immediate action is imperative to protect and restore Idaho’s salmon and steelhead habitat to ensure the long-term survival of these iconic species and the health of the entire ecosystem.

Sign the petition below to demand the Idaho Department of Fish and Game and the Idaho Governor’s Office take swift action to protect and restore the crucial salmon and steelhead habitat in the state.


Dear Director Fredericks,

Idaho’s precious salmon and steelhead, vital components of the state’s ecosystem and heritage, are in grave peril. The presence of dams, habitat degradation, climate change, overfishing, and pollution threaten their existence.

These iconic species not only enrich the natural environment, but also sustain local communities. It is your responsibility to act swiftly and decisively to protect and restore the critical habitat upon which their survival depends.

We urge you to take immediate action to safeguard Idaho’s salmon and steelhead. Implement comprehensive conservation measures to address these challenges and ensure the long-term health of the ecosystem.

Time is of the essence. Let us not stand idly by as these magnificent creatures and the irreplaceable natural world they represent face extinction.


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Photo Credit: NOAA Photo Library

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  1. There are no comments on this issue? There sure as hell should be. Why? We need to eat. Orcas need to eat. People need this industry to make a living. But our governing politicians need to cave to their supporters, and the supporters are demanding urbanization which will take away habitat for salmon, wildlife, animals, and those depending on the species survival. Humans are the worst of all animals. They take and don’t give. Humans want to add to sprawl. That should be stopped, now! Are there no overseers who are not on payrolls? Everyday people can’t keep up with all this which is why we pay overseers ie., voters elect officials. They are not doing their jobs. When discovered they should go into debt to pay back the bribes they’ve taken. We are killing off everything we need to sustain us yet the perps walk away. No more! Pass laws and for ce these criminals in suits and ties to go straight to prison.

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