Preserve Native Forests From Destructive Invasive Species

Target: Sharon Hurd, Chairperson of the Hawaii Department of Agriculture

Goal: Safeguard native forests from the destructive threat of invasive species.

Hawaii’s native forests, a unique and invaluable ecological treasure, face an escalating crisis fueled by invasive species. These unwelcome intruders, transported by human activity, pose a grave menace to the delicate balance of Hawaii’s ecosystems.

Over centuries, these native forests have evolved into sanctuaries of biodiversity, home to countless species found nowhere else on Earth. Yet, the relentless spread of invasive species jeopardizes this rich natural heritage. These intruders, unconstrained by the ecological checks and balances present in their native environments, rapidly multiply, outcompeting and displacing native species.

Invasive plants like the Miconia and strawberry guava choke out native flora, disrupting the delicate relationships that sustain indigenous wildlife. Invasive animals, such as feral pigs and mongoose, devastate native habitats and prey on native species, pushing them closer to the brink of extinction. The cumulative impact of these invasive species threatens to unravel the intricate tapestry of Hawaii’s native ecosystems.

Sign the petition below to demand the Hawaii Department of Agriculture’s unwavering commitment to protect Hawaii’s native forests by implementing rigorous measures to control and eradicate invasive species.


Honorable Ms. Hurd,

The urgency of preserving Hawaii’s native forests from invasive species cannot be overstated. These forests are repositories of unique biodiversity, offering ecological, cultural, and aesthetic value that is beyond measure.

Invasive species, like voracious interlopers, are erasing this legacy, driving native species towards the precipice of extinction. This calls for resolute, proactive measures to curtail their invasion and protect Hawaii’s natural heritage. The time for action is now.

We urge you to allocate substantial resources for research, monitoring, and immediate control of invasive species. Implement stringent regulations on the importation and transportation of potentially invasive organisms. Collaborate with community organizations, researchers, and conservationists to develop comprehensive strategies for eradicating existing invasive populations.

In preserving Hawaii’s native forests, you are not merely safeguarding the environment; you are upholding the cultural and ecological identity of these islands. We implore you to stand as stewards of this unique and fragile ecosystem.


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