Don’t Let Barrier Islands be Destroyed by Climate Change

Target: Walter Rabon, Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources

Goal: Protect Barrier Islands from human activity and climate change.

The Barrier Islands of Georgia, a unique and ecologically vital coastal treasure, are currently facing a mounting threat due to human activity and climate change. These islands, with their delicate ecosystems and critical wildlife habitats, are under relentless pressure from unchecked development, rising sea levels, and storm surges.

In recent years, there has been a worrying increase in commercial and residential development along the coast, leading to habitat destruction, water pollution, and the disruption of local ecosystems. These islands, known for their pristine beaches and vibrant wildlife, are now at risk of losing their natural beauty and ecological richness.

Additionally, the rising sea levels and intensifying storms, driven by climate change, pose a significant threat to these islands. Without immediate action, there is a risk of irreparable damage to these fragile ecosystems, including the loss of nesting sites for endangered sea turtles and crucial stopover points for migratory birds.

Sign the petition below to demand that the Georgia Department of Natural Resources takes swift and comprehensive action to protect and conserve the Barrier Islands.


Dear Commissioner Rabon,

The Barrier Islands of Georgia are a precious and irreplaceable natural resource, home to fragile ecosystems and vital wildlife habitats. It is with great concern that we note the increasing threats these islands face due to human activities and the impacts of climate change.

Unchecked development is causing irreversible harm to these islands, leading to habitat destruction, pollution, and the disruption of local ecosystems. This unchecked development not only threatens the islands’ unique beauty but also endangers the survival of many species that depend on these habitats.

Furthermore, the rising sea levels and intensifying storms brought about by climate change pose an imminent threat to the Barrier Islands. Immediate and comprehensive action is needed to safeguard these islands from further degradation and destruction.

We urge you to prioritize the conservation of the Barrier Islands by implementing and enforcing strict measures to curb development, reduce pollution, and mitigate the impacts of climate change. The world is watching, and we implore you to take action now to protect this natural wonder for current and future generations.


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Photo credit: NOAA Images

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