Justice for Cat Apparently Beaten to Death With Wooden Back Scratcher

Target: Sarpy County, Nebraska Attorney Polikov Lee

Goal: Give man maximum prison sentence for allegedly beating cat to death.

Deyjion Jefferson was charged with intentional animal cruelty after reports stated he beat one cat to death and severely hurt another one. Officers claimed they found two distressed cats inside Jefferson’s apartment but that one of them later died. This cat likely suffered immensely before finally allegedly succumbing to the injuries. According to reports, Jefferson hit the cats with a wooden back scratcher because he was feeling stressed that morning.

Jefferson may also be convicted on drug charges, and he is being held on a $10,000 bond. Sign this petition to demand he receive the appropriate prison sentence and to further insist he no longer be allowed to be around animals if he is found guilty of this inexcusable abuse.


Dear County Attorney Lee,

Deyjion Jefferson was arrested after it was alleged he beat both of his cats with a wooden back scratcher. Unfortunately, one of the cats was reportedly so badly injured, the animal did not survive. Jefferson needs to receive the harshest prison sentence possible and no longer be allowed to be anywhere near animals if these allegations are found to be true so that other innocent beings will be less likely to suffer by his hands.

Jefferson is currently being held on a $10,000 bond, and authorities may also charge him with having drugs in his possession.

For these reasons, I demand you suggest Jefferson be given the longest prison sentence possible for this crime and that you further insist he no longer be allowed to have pets if it is found he harmed or killed any animals to hopefully keep other creatures from experiencing the same fate.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Jacqueline Adams says:

    Take a bat to this POS!!! He knows the laws will do nothing!

  2. Gilda Provenzano says:

    A pos was just caught in camera putting cat in bag and banging against wall. Cat had to be euthanized. Cannot say i am shocked anymore about this shit going on.

  3. This sick fuck should be beaten with an iron rod, see how he likes it. I’m makes me sick to my stomach thinking how those poor innocents suffered. I truly hope he gets what’s coming to him

  4. Put this MOFO in prison. I want him beaten and raped till his guts fall out and then have him burned into hell to suffer the same fate repeatedly! Justice for all the innocent animals in the world!

  5. WE, who care, get no response from the legal system. This man beat two kittens because he was upset? Not with them but just wish life? Who the hell does he think he is? And the fact that states don’t protect those who can’t speak for themselves is Tragic, disgusting, and not American. It’s money. It’s always money. There is no money to be made by the courts, the judges, the DA’s or the Prosecutors. This man needs to serve time and not in a spa! This man killed a cat but seriously injured another. Make him pay! Use his money, whatever he may have, to pay for the cat he injured. Put a lean on his house to pay medical expenses. Take away his driver’s license until all is paid in full for the recovering cat. What ever expense charge him and force him to pay! States not taking animal abuse seriously, will cause more abuse to animals, wildlife, children and women then seniors. Laws are meant to be followed in EVERY state for a reason, to keep everyone safe. All living things should be safe from evil such as this man has shown. It’s also probably not his first offense.

    • Agree 100%! We who love and care about animals end up bearing the emotional anguish and financial burden. Rescue groups end up paying for medical care supported by our donations! I’m sick of the laws not being enforced and these monsters being given a slap on the wrist with no monetary consequences. So much needs to change because the consequence of tolerating and not harshly punishing this abuse affects society and we all suffer.

    • And will not be his last animal murder!
      Thank you for your eloquence!! If the mockery of a legal system fails again to bring justice to animals tortured by a human then we, the people, must bring justice!! I, for one, will do what I must to stop animal torture… I will NOT allow it!! Damn people who harm an animal!! Kill these monsters!!

  6. This guy should be beaten until he is DEAD.

    • Joyce O'Malley says:


  7. Very simple story. Just find this bastard and sodomize him/her publicly.

  8. Stephanie Geyser says:

    This bully/pathetic excuse for a human should be castrated, so he can’t spawn children from his sperm, who will take after him (drug addict, animal abuser, etc). It’s a pity that he bears the surname of your third president and one of the USA’s Founding Fathers.

  9. Maureen Henderson says:

    Before I even read who the petition is going to, I know it’s the land of murder, violence and cruelty. These trashy abusers and killers should be dumped on an island with no escape, no food , no weapons.

  10. Shirley Lemieux says:

    Deyjion Jefferson should be banned from ever owning another pet again if he is capable of committing a crime like this. It is sickening when a grown Man weighing at a minimum of atleast 150 pounds attacks an animal weighing in at under 15 pounds. Need I say more.

  11. Hope the judge that sentences him feels stressed that morning. Useless waste of oxygen, best lock it up for a long time if this is how it acts when stressed.

  12. Maria Lavorato says:

    Deyjion Jefferson murdered his pet cat and intended to murder his other pet cat. Both little cats were tortured for NO reason at all except that his day was not going well. HE COMMITTED MURDER. Do not down play this to a lesser crime!

    I sincerely hope that the law will pass down the most stringent sentence possible otherwise more animals will be at risk! PLEASE DO YOUR JOB FOR EACH AND EVERY ANIMAL ABUSE CASE!

    He can not be allowed to come near another animal for life!

  13. i have one thing to say, an eye. for an eye…give to the abuser what vthey did to the animal!!

  14. Nadine Brundage says:

    Throw This demented piece of shit in prison or the nearest mental institution. Those innocent cats did no deserve the horrific act of cruelty inflicted on them. Speaking for the voiceless, this evil subhuman must face serious consequences.

  15. Stop with this “allegedly”!!!!! This MONSTER is guilty of killing helpless little Angels!!!!! Stop protecting demonic criminals!!!!

  16. Praying for long sentence on this disgusting piece of shit. Hopefully they’ll get beat in prison.

  17. Agree all comments beat this cunt to death.

  18. dammit I hate that this won’t stop!!!

  19. Deyjion Jefferson seriously needs to know and to understand the difference between only being “stressed out” and being painfully and mercilessly cruelly abused and tortured, causing exceptional stress and extreme acute anxiety. What he did to those poor innocent kittens is inexcusable and unjustifiable. One is dead, the other bearing witness to it and the surviving kitten will never be the same and post trauma/ptsd and lasting pain from injuries sustained will rule the kitty’s life for the rest of her or his lifetime. The kitten may not ever trust or bond to a human due to this early abuse and this is heartbreaking as cats are so sensitive and have a difficult time getting close to humans as it is. He needs to be hit on the bare back with a sharp wooden tool by someone dressed in a cat costume until near death, all the while being told that he is stressing out the person in the cat costume and that he is a worthless loser and total piece of walking fecal matter. Please DO NOT let this sorry excuse for a human ever own a pet again, and place his name on animal abuser registries wherever they are to be found. ALL of the previous posters that stated that this individual is a candidate for abusing and killing children and vulnerable people are absolutely correct. I am so DAMN sick and f’ing tired exhausted of hearing about self loathing pieces of shit that only consider their own empty thoughts and feelings and take all of their immature inabilities out on loving, intelligent, kind hearted and gentle souls that only live and breathe to love us and to make our lives happy and actually worth living. This world filled with the self pityers does exactly the opposite.

  20. ( Shame…. with a name like that, NO WONDER he’s a sick “stressed” arsehole!! Parents really do need to think about naming their kids with decent wholesome names… not made up shit because it sounds fancy. ) He needs to go to jail to really feel what stress is… and change his name. The surviving cat may need to be put down if it’s too damaged. So unfair.

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