Justice for Cat Apparently Beaten to Death With Wooden Back Scratcher

Target: Sarpy County, Nebraska Attorney Polikov Lee

Goal: Give man maximum prison sentence for allegedly beating cat to death.

Deyjion Jefferson was charged with intentional animal cruelty after reports stated he beat one cat to death and severely hurt another one. Officers claimed they found two distressed cats inside Jefferson’s apartment but that one of them later died. This cat likely suffered immensely before finally allegedly succumbing to the injuries. According to reports, Jefferson hit the cats with a wooden back scratcher because he was feeling stressed that morning.

Jefferson may also be convicted on drug charges, and he is being held on a $10,000 bond. Sign this petition to demand he receive the appropriate prison sentence and to further insist he no longer be allowed to be around animals if he is found guilty of this inexcusable abuse.


Dear County Attorney Lee,

Deyjion Jefferson was arrested after it was alleged he beat both of his cats with a wooden back scratcher. Unfortunately, one of the cats was reportedly so badly injured, the animal did not survive. Jefferson needs to receive the harshest prison sentence possible and no longer be allowed to be anywhere near animals if these allegations are found to be true so that other innocent beings will be less likely to suffer by his hands.

Jefferson is currently being held on a $10,000 bond, and authorities may also charge him with having drugs in his possession.

For these reasons, I demand you suggest Jefferson be given the longest prison sentence possible for this crime and that you further insist he no longer be allowed to have pets if it is found he harmed or killed any animals to hopefully keep other creatures from experiencing the same fate.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Gilda Provenzano says:


  2. Yo le pegaría en la cabeza a ese maldito hombre ..pero con una pala! A ver si le gusta!!!! Justicia por el gatito indefenso!!

  3. Bosha Karanovic says:

    Why don’t get rid of those monsters once and for all?

    Let Divine Justice punish them as they deserve: with hell

  4. Death penalty for bastard killer, kill him!
    Justice for cats! RIP

    • Patricia Lamonica says:


    • Lisa Carrano says:

      We need to bring back medieval torture for these demented deranged freaks. Let’s start with the Breaking Wheel followed by a good old fashioned rack and quartering

  5. dump him in jail for good

  6. Just another POS taking up space on the planet. What a waste of a human.

  7. Jerily Rushworth says:

    I’d love to lay this cunt down and throw cinder blocks at it til it dies. Slowly.

  8. Mary Hirose says:

    Maximum punishment please!! Also, a lifetime ban is needed: from owning, caring for, possessing, and from residing in any house where ANY animal is present.
    He needs to forfeit any animals currently in his possession, and also pay back costs for all veterinary care if applicable. Let’s be serious about saving animals’ lives. Thank you.

  9. Manitou Calm Storm says:

    Anyone familiar with the Edgar Allen Poe story, “The Cask of Amondillado”? This is what that sick bastard cat murderer deserves! If you are not familiar with the story, read it, you can find it on-line.

  10. Urszula Lund says:

    No animal deserves to be a victim of DEHUMANIZED and DESENSITIZED SADISTIC PSYCHOPATHS!!
    SET A PRECEDENT and punish to the full extent of the law!
    MAX JAIL or DEATH PENALTY is the only justice adequate to this horrific crime of unspeakable bestiality!
    This human monster must be forbidden from owning pets ever again in the future.

  11. Give me 5 minutes with this piece of shit and I’ll introduce him to another use for a wooden backscratcher!

    • Détruisez ces déchets de la même manière que ces pauvres chatons innocents, qui n’ont jamais fait de mal à personne ! Ce n’est pas un humain, alors ne le traitez pas non plus comme un humain, mais comme une bête humanoïde ! !!

  12. This is such a horrific slow painful way to die! If he didn’t want those gorgeous loving kitties surrender them don’t torture them for the love of God! I hope he gets the maximum penalty this must end every day theres horrible stories of disgusting cases of animal abuse torture and murder for what these people are sick to brutally beat to death an animal says you need to be locked up and forced to attend therapy!

  13. Lisa Carrano says:

    Put this deranged demented freak upon the Breaking Wheel. Smash every one of its bones with an axe handle and thread its limbs through the spokes. Parade it around town with a sign saying cat killer, then drag, rack and quarter that filth. Light its innards on fire while it screams in impossible agony slowly dying like it deserves!

  14. My favorite charity is to help the animals I prefer to help them better than some people. A LOT OF CRUEL AND EVIL PEOPLE UP THERE PUT THE POS DOWN PLEASE!

  15. Just beat the shit outta this POS!

  16. Sharon Rudyk says:

    These sick humans will be no different towards other humans either!!!!!! LIFETIME JAIL!!!!!!!!!!

  17. That person needs to be beaten to death eye for and eye MF

  18. Deyjion Jefferson Should be beatwn to DEATH!

  19. Détruisez ces déchets de la même manière que ces pauvres chatons innocents, qui n’ont jamais fait de mal à personne ! Ce n’est pas un humain, alors ne le traitez pas non plus comme un humain, mais comme une bête humanoïde ! !!

  20. Janice M Washienko says:

    Sick MFer should never see the light of day again!!!

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