Combat Bark Beetle Infestations Threatening Forests

Target: Kate Greenberg, Commissioner of the Colorado Department of Agriculture

Goal: Combat the escalating bark beetle infestations devastating Colorado’s forests.

The relentless onslaught of bark beetle infestations in Colorado’s pristine forests stands as a grave ecological crisis. These voracious pests, driven by warming temperatures and weakened trees, are wreaking havoc across the cherished landscapes. As they bore through trees with impunity, they disrupt the delicate balance of the ecosystems, causing vast swaths of forest to wither and die.

Colorado’s forests, known for their natural beauty and environmental significance, are now under severe threat. Without swift intervention, the consequences are dire. These infestations not only endanger the unique biodiversity, but also heighten the risk of catastrophic wildfires, posing a direct threat to the communities and their safety.

Sign the petition below to demand that the Colorado Department of Agriculture takes immediate, proactive steps to halt the devastation caused by bark beetle infestations and protect the future of the forests.


Dear Commissioner Greenberg,

The dire situation facing Colorado’s forests demands immediate attention and resolute action. Bark beetle infestations, driven by climatic shifts and weakened trees, are devastating the cherished woodlands at an alarming pace.

This is not merely a concern for environmentalists; it’s a crisis that affects all Coloradans. The ecological balance is teetering, and the threat of catastrophic wildfires looms ominously. The communities and their safety are at stake.

We implore you to act decisively. Implement comprehensive strategies to combat these infestations, safeguard the forests, and preserve Colorado’s natural beauty for generations to come. The time for action is now.


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