Protect Unique Mountain Ecosystem From Expanding Urbanization

Target: Caleb Osborne, Director of the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality

Goal: Safeguard the fragile Ouachita Mountain Ecosystem.

The Ouachita Mountain Ecosystem, nestled in the heart of Arkansas, stands as a precious natural gem under imminent peril. This distinctive ecological wonderland, harboring an array of plant and animal species, confronts an existential crisis as urbanization, industrialization, and deforestation encroach upon its pristine territory.

This remarkable landscape, known for its role in supporting biodiversity and ensuring environmental stability, now finds itself at a critical juncture. The unchecked expansion of human activities threatens to shatter the delicate balance that has sustained this ecosystem for generations.

The urgency of the situation cannot be overstated; without swift and decisive action to curb these threats and promote sustainable practices, this unique treasure of nature may face irreversible damage. It is imperative that people unite to protect the Ouachita Mountain Ecosystem, not only for the diverse life it shelters but for the ecological harmony it upholds, ensuring its survival for generations to come.

Sign the petition below to demand immediate and robust protection measures for the Ouachita Mountain Ecosystem.


Dear Director Osborne,

The Ouachita Mountain Ecosystem is a natural wonder, a sanctuary for countless species, and a source of ecological balance. However, it is under siege. The unchecked encroachment of human activity, including logging and industrial development, is jeopardizing this delicate ecosystem.

As stewards of Arkansas’s environment, it is your solemn duty to ensure the preservation of this invaluable natural treasure. Failure to act decisively now risks irreparable damage, compromising the habitat for numerous plants and animals and disrupting the delicate ecological equilibrium.

We urge you to take immediate action to protect the Ouachita Mountain Ecosystem. Implement stringent conservation measures, enforce sustainable land use practices, and prioritize the preservation of this ecological gem for future generations.


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Photo Credit: Tammo2011

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  1. No new urbanization need to be done. Humans have taken over animal and wildlife habitats leaving nothing for our species. Ignorance must be stopped. We need to share these natural spaces. Humans can build up but wildlife can’t. We simply must share. No further development should be done. We have spread out far enough. Now if we have so many people to house we can only build up. Save these natural mountain spaces as they are needed to support the planets eco system. The same is true with the oceans as we need to clean them up, get rid of micro plastics and plastics altogether to keep life on earth possible.

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