Improve Stormwater Management to Prevent Runoff Pollution

Target: Jeff Cown, Director of the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD)

Goal: Implement comprehensive stormwater management policies and infrastructure to combat runoff pollution.

Georgia faces an alarming crisis of polluted stormwater runoff, jeopardizing the state’s waterways and ecosystems. Rapid urbanization and increased land development have led to a surge in impervious surfaces, such as roads and buildings. When rain falls on these surfaces, it collects pollutants like oil, chemicals, and sediment, swiftly coursing into rivers, lakes, and streams. This unchecked pollution disrupts aquatic habitats, contaminates drinking water sources, and imperils public health.

The consequences of inadequate stormwater management are dire. Nutrient pollution triggers harmful algal blooms, depleting oxygen levels and causing fish kills. Sediment-laden runoff clouds water, impacting aquatic plant life. Moreover, toxic chemicals compromise water quality, posing grave risks to wildlife and human well-being.

Sign the petition below to demand that the Georgia Environmental Protection Division take immediate action to implement robust stormwater management policies and infrastructure.


Dear Director Cown,

The time for decisive action to combat stormwater runoff pollution in one beautiful state is now. Georgia’s waterways are under siege, threatened by a surge in impervious surfaces and the consequent contamination of runoff.

We implore you to take a strong stand in addressing this issue. Comprehensive stormwater management policies, coupled with investments in modern infrastructure, are imperative to prevent further degradation of our aquatic ecosystems. Let us not wait until irreversible damage is done; the health of our environment and the well-being of our communities depend on it.

Our commitment to Georgia’s natural beauty and its people drives this petition. We urge you to lead the charge in protecting our precious water resources from the perils of runoff pollution.


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