Stop Killing Aquatic Life With Plastic Pollution

Target: Maura Healey, Governor of Massachusetts

Goal: Significantly reduce plastic pollution in Massachusetts waters.

Plastic pollution poses a dire and escalating threat to the fragile ecosystems of Massachusetts waters. The indiscriminate use and disposal of plastics have resulted in an alarming proliferation of plastic debris, endangering aquatic life and compromising water quality. This insidious problem necessitates immediate attention and resolute action.

Plastic debris, comprised of single-use items like bags, bottles, and straws, persists in Massachusetts waters, contaminating aquatic habitats and jeopardizing the health of aquatic species. The persistence of plastics in aquatic environments amplifies their detrimental effects, as they fragment into smaller, microplastic particles, which infiltrate the food chain, potentially harming both marine life and human health.

Current regulations inadequately address this crisis, allowing plastic pollution to escalate unabated. Urgent intervention is imperative to curb the excessive use of single-use plastics, promote recycling and sustainable alternatives, and institute stringent enforcement of anti-littering laws.

Sign the petition below to demand immediate, comprehensive measures to combat plastic pollution in Massachusetts waters.


Dear Governor Healey,

The health of Massachusetts waters, its biodiversity, and its contribution to the quality of life hang in the balance due to the escalating menace of plastic pollution. It is incumbent upon the state to rise to this challenge and enact robust measures to mitigate the devastating impacts of plastic waste on aquatic ecosystems.

Plastic pollution is not merely an environmental issue; it is a grave threat to health, wildlife, and the economic vitality of the state. We implore you to take swift and comprehensive action, including but not limited to banning single-use plastics, promoting sustainable alternatives, and rigorously enforcing anti-littering laws. Massachusetts must lead the way in combatting this environmental crisis.

The time for action is now. We urge you to prioritize the preservation of the waters and the well-being of the communities by taking decisive steps to reduce plastic pollution.


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Photo Credit: Garrett Coakley

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