Demand Investigation Into Alleged Overspending on Disaster Money

Target: Mr. Phil Bartlett, Chairman of the Maine Public Utilities Commission

Goal: Ensure transparent investigation into Central Maine Power Co.’s alleged overspending on storm response

The Office of the Public Advocate in Maine has presented concerning allegations regarding Central Maine Power Co.’s (CMP) expenditure during storm responses in 2022. In testimony filed with the Maine Public Utilities Commission, it is alleged that CMP exceeded established staffing guidelines, reportedly overspending by over $50 million during its efforts to restore power to customers amid a dozen storms.

These allegations raise serious questions about the utility company’s adherence to prescribed protocols and the allocation of resources during emergency situations. The Office of the Public Advocate asserts that CMP overspent on staffing during 12 out of 23 storms it responded to in the previous year.

At the heart of this matter is CMP’s pursuit to recover a substantial portion of the claimed $125 million spent on restoring electricity to ratepayers during storms in 2022. Approximately $10 million of these expenses are already embedded in the company’s existing electricity distribution base rates. However, CMP is reportedly seeking recovery of the remaining costs, proposing an amortization of around $117 million in incremental storm expenses over a two-year period, starting from July 1.

In the interest of fairness, accountability, and the trust of ratepayers, it is imperative that these allegations of overspending by CMP are thoroughly investigated. A transparent inquiry into the utility’s storm response expenditures is essential to determine whether ratepayers have been unfairly burdened with excessive costs. Take action now.


Dear Mr. Phil Bartlett,

We write to you as concerned citizens, united in our pursuit of fairness, transparency, and accountability in matters concerning utility services in the state of Maine.

Allegations have emerged suggesting that Central Maine Power Co. (CMP) allegedly overspent by over $50 million while responding to a series of storms in 2022. The claims made by the Office of the Public Advocate are deeply concerning, as they raise questions about the utility’s adherence to established staffing guidelines during emergency situations.

It is our collective belief that the trust of ratepayers in utility companies must be upheld, and this includes ensuring that storm response expenses are reasonable and justifiable. We respectfully urge you to initiate a comprehensive and transparent investigation into these allegations of overspending by CMP during storm responses in 2022.

A fair and impartial inquiry will not only determine the veracity of these allegations but also reaffirm the commitment to accountability and fairness in utility services for all Maine residents. It is crucial that ratepayers have confidence in the allocation of costs associated with storm restoration efforts.

We trust in your dedication to upholding the principles of transparency and accountability in utility services and look forward to a just resolution in this matter.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Celyn Kang

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  1. Corruption is everywhere in government. Is there any office which is not on the take? The we allowed Citizens United and allowed religion and dark money to flow unto government we ruined our democracy. Greed sets in followed by mergers and support money into campaigns. Politicians who are honest and there are very few of them are bound and gagged before they ever start serving in office. They serve their benefactors not the voters who elected them. Everyone turns their heads away so as not to be asked why they did not serve their communities. The answer is always excuses. Excuses are not reasons. There are no reasons. Just lousy politicians which we have plenty of!!!

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