Stop Allegedly Abusing Innocent Children in Disturbing Religious Practices

Target: Pope Francis, Head of the Catholic Church, Vatican City

Goal: Prevent child sexual abuse within religious communes.

Recent allegations of child sexual abuse within a lay Catholic commune with roots in the Bay Area hippie movement have shaken the core of virtuous appearances. This unsettling situation has illuminated a deep-seated problem that demands immediate attention. Behind the facade of spirituality and virtue, a disturbing undercurrent of violence and control has apparently been exposed.

The experiences of three sisters raised within the community reportedly shed light on the allegedly disturbing reality that existed beneath the surface. Their accounts of an allegedly cult-like atmosphere underscore the gravity of the situation, and it is imperative that we address this deeply concerning issue.

Originating as a group of hippies embracing communal living, this community’s journey led them to Catholicism and anti-abortion advocacy. Their path, while unconventional, does not excuse the egregious actions that have reportedly come to light. Decades-old newsletters detailing life within the community and the alleged disturbing practices that unfolded demand a response.

It is clear that stricter regulations are necessary to prevent such cases from tarnishing the reputation of religious institutions. Child safety must be an absolute priority, and the exploitation of religious settings for criminal activities must be staunchly addressed. Call on the Catholic Church to create real change.


Your Holiness Pope Francis,

We bring to your esteemed attention a matter of profound concern that tarnishes the sanctity of faith and community. Recent allegations of child sexual abuse within a lay Catholic commune seem to have exposed a disturbing undercurrent of violence and control, eroding the trust that believers place in religious institutions.

We understand that you champion transparency, accountability, and the protection of the vulnerable. The allegations from this commune remind us of the imperative to ensure that every corner of faith embraces these principles. Child safety should never be compromised, and it is disheartening to witness the exploitation of religious settings for sinister purposes.

With the utmost respect, we implore you to utilize your influence and position to advocate for stricter regulations within religious communes. The well-being of children is paramount, and religious organizations must uphold the highest standards of morality and safety.

We believe in the power of faith to inspire positive change, and this change must extend to the eradication of any form of abuse within religious communities. By taking a stand against such reprehensible acts and demanding stricter regulations, we can reaffirm the integrity and compassion that lie at the heart of true faith.


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Photo credit: Patrick Fore

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