Justice for Rabbits Allegedly Killed and Frozen By Domestic Abuser

Target: Susan Lines, President of Australian Senate

Goal: Advocate for laws that strongly punish abusers accused of harming companion animals.

Once again, innocent animals have apparently fallen victim to an alleged domestic abuser. The reported victims in this case included a number of rabbits that were found in a freezer. Two living rabbits were also rescued from the property in Sydney, Australia.

The unnamed suspect allegedly killed the rabbits because of so-called “frustration.” He reportedly took his “frustration” out on a female as well. The 30-plus charges filed against him, in addition to animal cruelty, include multiple allegations of physical assault and firearm threats against the woman.

Tragically, links between domestic violence and animal cruelty are not uncommon in Australia or other nations. While Australia specifically has made strides in recent years regarding its animal cruelty laws, a proposed amendment could provide pets at risk of domestic cruelty even more protection. The proposal would grant animals status as sentient domestic violence victims who can recognize and feel pain. Such a change would enable much stronger penalties for these often-deadly acts.

Sign the petition below to compel this important protective upgrade.


Dear Senator Lines,

When a Sydney man was charged with over 30 counts of violence, his alleged victims included a female companion and several pet rabbits. These animals, most of whom tragically died, represent a hidden epidemic of reported abusers using beloved pets as weapons against their human victims. Affording these innocent beings the status of sentient victims and legally establishing companion animal abuse and cruelty as an act of domestic violence could have a tremendous impact on the successful prosecution and punishment of both types of serious crimes.

Australia has accomplished a great deal in recent years to remedy its previous D grade in animal cruelty. Please help make the grade an A by offering enhanced legal protections for all victims of domestic violence.


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Photo Credit: Onkel Ramirez

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  1. If you care at all, straighten your laws and inform the people of the laws. Abusers may be less likely to abuse in the future. They are Bullies and cowards. Tell them of the punishments and most may avoid abusing as they know what is waiting for them if they do abuse. Do nothing and all hell will be yours to take care of in the not too distant future.

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