Hungry Horse Reportedly Impaled and Eviscerated on Fence Deserves Justice

Target: Mr. Swapan Debnath, Minister-in-Charge of the Animal Resources Development Department, West Bengal, India

Goal: Demand a thorough investigation and accountability for those responsible for the reported impaling, suffering, and death of a horse.

A two-year-old horse was reportedly impaled on a fence while searching for food, resulting in death. The horse allegedly suffered a large wound on its stomach, leading to the spilling out of its intestines. This deeply disturbing incident not only caused immense suffering to the innocent animal but also posed a risk to human life, endangering pedestrians and vehicular traffic.

PETA-India alleges that despite seeking assistance from the state animal resource development department to treat the injured horse, no veterinarian was dispatched to the site. As a result, the horse was reportedly transported to a veterinary hospital approximately 10 km away without receiving any sedatives, exacerbating its suffering.

The incident highlights the urgent need to address animal welfare and negligence issues in the region. Sign below and demand a comprehensive investigation to identify those responsible for the alleged mistreatment of the horse and ensure that appropriate legal consequences are imposed.


Dear Mr. Swapan Debnath,

A horse was reportedly impaled on a fence while in search of food, leading to the spilling of its intestines and eventual death. PETA claims that that medical treatment came too little and too late for this poor animal. Negligence leading to such extreme suffering and endangering public safety is unacceptable and must be met with accountability.

We call upon you to enforce and strengthen animal welfare laws and regulations in West Bengal, ensuring that alleged incidents of cruelty and neglect are met with the full force of the law. It is crucial to create a robust framework that safeguards the welfare of animals and holds those responsible for such acts of cruelty accountable.

The incident at the Kolkata Maidan has deeply saddened animal lovers and advocates for justice worldwide. As an authority on animal resources development, you have the power to institute necessary reforms and send a clear message that animal welfare is a priority in West Bengal.

We demand transparency, accountability, and an immediate commitment to preventing similar incidents in the future. By taking swift and decisive action, we can demonstrate our dedication to upholding the rights and welfare of animals in our society.


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Photo credit: Shadow Ayush


  1. Cynthia A Pisarcik says:

    There needs to be justice for this INNOCENT horse !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Law enforcement do your job and punish the person who did this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The way animals are treated in India is why India will always be a third world country. They may have industry of all kinds, etc, but they have no compassion and ignore the welfare of any and all animals unlucky enough to be in India.

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