Elderly, Sick Dog Allegedly Buried Alive Deserves Justice

Target: Kym Worthy, Prosecutor for Wayne County, MI

Goal: Prosecute perpetrators allegedly responsible for burying dog alive to fullest extent.

A concerned community member in Detroit was summoned by a disturbing and heartbreaking sound: the cries of a potentially wounded dog. When the good Samaritan rushed outside to track the source, they came upon an even more alarming sight: a dog’s nose protruding from the ground. The poor animal had apparently been buried alive. The good Samaritan quickly freed the dog from his seeming makeshift grave and contacted an animal rescue.

Individuals treating the dog, whom they named Ghost, described his condition as follows: “very cold, lethargic and not able to stand or walk on his own. He also had a large and deep possible pressure sore on one of his rear legs that was initially thought to be a gunshot wound.” Tragically, despite emergency interventions, Ghost eventually had to be euthanized. Veterinary professionals revealed he also appeared to suffer from chronic muscular and spinal conditions.

This pit bull-mix was ten years old and highly dependent on his caretakers. Police interviewed Ghost’s caretakers, who reportedly confirmed that he belonged to them and that he had been ill. Despite their alleged involvement in this horrifying case, these individuals–nor anyone else–have faced a single charge months later.

The Wayne County Prosecutor’s office has been apprised of this incident from the beginning but for some reason will not take the necessary action. Sign the petition below to demand these legal professionals do their job.


Dear Prosecutor Worthy,

During the fall, a case was brought to your attention involving potentially horrific animal cruelty. The dog at the center of the case, Ghost, was allegedly buried alive and left to die. If not for a good Samaritan who heard his cries and intervened, this defenseless animal would have likely experienced an agonizing death where he suffocated or starved to death alone and in complete darkness.

Ghost’s owners were reportedly interviewed and seemingly acknowledged some involvement, and then…nothing. Why has the prosecutor’s office sat on this case for months with no apparent action? If this poor deceased ten-year-old dog’s circumstances do not qualify as animal cruelty, then what exactly does?

Animal cruelty is a well-known gateway into violent crimes against humans. Ignore the issue at your own peril or, as your oath of duty demands, seek justice now.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue


  1. This poor dog did nothing wrong, but his ‘caretakers’ murdered him anyway via neglect and this horrendous live burial. They know who did this and no matter what their ‘story’ is there is no excuse for what they did and if they are not prosecuted and punished then we must assume local authorities think this is an acceptable way to treat pets. Do your jobs, do not support animal abuse, do not let them off for this vile and sadistic act of barbarism.

  2. Maria E Nowicki says:

    Find the subhuman who did this and bury IT alive.

  3. Just looking at the picture of Ghost one can see all the marks of prior trauma. This dog was treated miserably for quite some time and it showed! Is this a case of people knowing people and looking the other way to avoid prosecution? If that is so, and it certainly looks that way to readers of this horrific story, then you are not doing the job you intended to do when entering the field of law. Karma is cruel as it states all those guilty of this crime must live 10 lives, as Ghost, for every action they took. Worse than prison, wouldn’t you say? Imagine having to be treated just like they treated Ghost! We are a pathetic people to allow this act to go unpunished. These people are free to get other animals and do the same to them. That is certainly not justice. And we worry why society is so pathetic. This is why.

  4. Milantia Roy says:

    We sign and sign in repudiation of all these crimes, but we are never informed of their outcome – why?

  5. Gabriela Torres says:

    Let’s hope that Ghost’s owners go straight to hell at the end of their miserable lives

  6. Patricia Schwarzmann says:

    Dear Prosecutor Worthy,
    Why have you not dictated a sentence in this case yet? Was it because it was just a dog involved? Aren’t animals sentient beings? C’mon, what are you waiting for?

  7. Lori Stearns says:

    If this were a child? Hmmm…someone should be charged

  8. Mary Young says:


  9. Alice Knight says:

    This case needs to be addressed on the highest level of animal cruelty. What is the reason or reasons there has not been any criminal charges brought against these individuals? This is just not unacceptable by the alleged abusers but also by the prosecutor. Shameful.

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