Stop Slowing Down Momentum of Zero-Emissions Electric Vehicles

Target: Glenn Youngkin, Governor of Virginia

Goal: Do not block investments in clean electric vehicle technology.

Electric vehicles (EVs) are expected to play an important role in America’s clean energy transition. These zero-emissions autos rely upon batteries to power them, and investment in production of these batteries could provide not only a long-term environmental benefit but serious economic benefits as well. Unfortunately, Virginia’s governor has just deprived his state of this key opportunity.

Governor Glenn Youngkin nixed an agreement that would have brought the research and technology of Ford Motor Company’s EVs to Southside, Virginia. The governor claimed he vetoed this plan because of the involved battery producer’s supposed ties to China. Yet the company in question, Contemporary Amperex Technology, produces EV batteries on a global scale and is the world’s largest distributor. Governor Youngkin’s claim seems more a political ploy than a sincere concern…a stunt at the expense of his state’s economic and environmental future.

Sign the petition below to urge this governor to invest in a better, cleaner, and more economically secure future.


Dear Governor Youngkin,

China already has a foothold and lead in EV technology in large part because of the U.S. government’s lack of investment in recent years. Governor, you know this assertion to be true, which makes your decision to keep robust EV research and battery development out of Virginia especially puzzling. Your own previous ties to an organization knee-deep in Chinese investments notwithstanding, this world-leading EV battery producer’s alleged Chinese connections are neither verifiable nor especially relevant.

What is relevant are the robust economic opportunities you are taking away from constituents who have already seen deep cuts in manufacturing. What is relevant is you walking back a pledge to boost workforce development. And what is relevant is the prioritization of political grandstanding over ensuring future generations have a cleaner, healthier planet on which to live and thrive.

Please revisit your priorities and invest in clean energy. Set a standard and leave behind a legacy that means something.


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  1. We either take charge and plan for the future with electric cars or we walk. There is no option but to come to the number given to protect our planet.
    We have only 7 years to do so. We are not doing well so fat and we have far to go but we can do it and we must!

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