Save Ice Sheets Before the World Pays the Price

Target: Petteri Taalas, Secretary-General of World Meteorological Organization

Goal: Support plan of action for addressing glacial and ice sheet melt.

The West Antarctic ice sheet has received a supposed upgrade by scientists from almost certain collapse to “not inevitable” collapse. The world’s fate will seemingly rest on offshore winds and other atmosphere conditions, plus oceanic circulation patterns, to determine if the dangerous temperature changes at the South Pole will accelerate glacial melting and lead to an eventual collapse. But the planet can ill afford to take a wait-and-see approach.

Reports indicate that within the next three decades, fully one-third of World Heritage Site glaciers will be completely gone. The country of Argentina alone is home to 16,000 glaciers in imminent danger. The fates of these icy giants do not bode well for the especially impactful ice sheets of Antarctica, where collapse would mean a massive global sea level rise of ten feet and the subsequent endangerment of the hundreds of millions of people (not to mention countless wildlife) who live within this range.

Billions of tons of ice have already been lost, and the time to act is now. Sign the petition below to demand world leaders focus on this existential global threat.


Dear Mr. Taalas,

The collapse of glaciers and ice sheets that could overwhelm sea level and just-above habitats is now “not inevitable.” The world should not meet this news with celebration, however, but view it as a somber reminder of where inaction and irresponsibility can lead us. A sizeable percentage of the planet’s beautiful glaciers could vanish within years, with cataclysmic results if the polar ice sheets continue their alarmingly rapid rate of loss and deterioration. “Not inevitable” is not good enough.

Scientists are busy working towards tools ranging from snow cannons to large berms. And, of course, quantifiable progress toward curbing dangerous warming emissions would make a significant impact as well. Please do not let the world’s guard down on the critical threat of glacial melt. As an influential arm of the United Nations, promote, advocate, and invest heavily in actionable solutions.


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Photo Credit: Commander Jim Waldron

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